Route guys

do you guys take all these down, or go around them ? I’m talking about the doors

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Already out buying beer Mike! :astonished:

Just depend how they are affixed to the glass.

if easy removal then off they come
if they have grown to the glass there they stay and wipe around.

It also depends on the service description .

Towel them. I don’t take them down, to much of a waste of time.

I have a convenience store I do. Talked the owner into using those suction cup hangers that can be found at Office Depot. Punch holes in the placard with a grommet and then attach to the windows. (All four corners on doors.) Easy to take off, clean, and reattach.

For many years I went to considerable lengths to get anything possible off the windows.
But I’ve decided that only the easiest of easy stuff gets moved now. As @JaredAI said, it’s really a waste of time to do all that and probably not be able to get any more money.
It’s in my operations manual how to determine if it gets taken down, moved, or passed over.
With the use of cleaning pads, it’s possible to get the thin areas of exposed glass around the junk they hang up.

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I’m with you guys if there is one maybe 2 signs that are taped on, then off it goes. If there are That many signs I clean around it with an indoor pad , or just squeegee them depending on placement ( back in the days it would be a huck fowl) Or if they look good I just leave it an do nothing, but there doors they rarely look good

Waste of time …that it is for sure . No one ever complains about it anyway

15 minutes to clean the glass is fine , but 15 minutes to move, an put back all your stuff is not fine

My biggest pet peeve is when they tape all 4 corners of the sign , or like Jesse says they use packing tape.

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I tend to steer clear of most convenience stores in my route that are covered in signs and posters, i mean there is barely any clear glass on that job to see thru anyway. That being said i would definitely be having a conversation with your job contact (store manager) and finding out what their expectations are, also explaining that if you are taking down everything each time then obviously it would cost more than if they were not taken down. Ultimately its up to the customer to decide what they actually want…its up to you to provide options/ solutions.
P.S. Sometimes if you call ahead the store will have an employee take down the signs ahead of your arrival. Just a thought to consider. Best of luck.


sell this these


Very Rarely would I. I think it makes a store look trashy.

Whats a stop that size run/$ in your neck of the woods Mike?

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I guess we get to wait for Mike to respond! :wink:


I had to wait for that first cup :coffee:️. It goes 2x a month for $25. Outsides only. There are a couple of plates to the left also. It Tskes 5 min to clean

It would take me longer to take those signs down an back up then to clean the Windows

Thanks for sharing Mike!

Now we know @Skipper

just go around them lol


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Is Frank Gallagher in there? Lol.

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