Route Optimization & GPS Tracking

Is anyone using route optimization and/or GPS tracking for their crews? We purchased our window cleaning company a few years ago and our commercial route info is all handled by paper route sheets. It’s cumbersome and it delays our billing and as I’m sure you know, if we wait too long to bill, people tend to “forget” that we were there. We currently use Quickbooks online for payroll and accounting, but I’d like to find a good app that would allow me to load all the route info and have the app do the route optimization and I’d like GPS functionality so I know where my team is when they are working. I’d like the ability to send reminder texts for upcoming appointments and have the invoice generated as soon as the tech hits the complete button. I know there are several options out there, but I was curious what you’re using and why it’s a good fit for you.

Please forgive me if this topic has recently been covered. The latest post I saw was from 2018/2019 so I was looking for something more current.

Thank you!

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Jobber has great route optimization software built in