Route Optimization Software

I have no current need, but we haven’t visited this subject recently.

Any new mapping, dispatching, and route optimization software being utilized? What are you currently using? Pros and cons? Tips, tricks, and techniques?

Are you measuring fuel cost and time savings?

Are you tracking employee accountability?

I’m not currently in that position, but it will be cool to follow the thread for some knowledge for the future =)


We currently use this site to help solve “The Traveling Salesman Problem”. Driving Route Planner - Optimized Route Proposals

The pros

  1. This site is free.
  2. When data is input correctly it works.
  3. It has saved us time, mileage and fuel.
  4. When using over and over it helps you get a better understanding of the T.S.P. and forces you to run a more efficient route.

The cons

  1. This site will occasionally glitch or hiccup and throw out a bad route even when data is input correctly.

Always double check the route any software suggests.

I have not had time to get a detailed year to date comparison from this year to last but feel confident we have saved on average as much as 15 minutes per day and shaved off on average 7 miles per day. It adds up.

Mapquest will let you enter in multiple stops. It will then configure them for most efficient route. I haven’t used it for window cleaning, but I did use it when planning a road trip the summer before last. I entered all the weird roadside attractions I wanted to see and it plotted a route for me.