Rubber-Only Feet for Werner Ladders?

Does anyone know if they make different feet for these that are rubber only? The big clanky ones with the spikes on it are awesome for exterior work but I hate them when using the ladder indoors. I would prefer just some rubber inserts that go directly in the bottom of the legs…anyone know if this exists? Thanks

All of mine are rubber inserts.

I hate the flappy claw foots, too.

It’s tough finding someone to install then, though, nobody wants to be accountable anymore. (Rolls eyes)

I use this style on all my ladders. Not a fan of the Warner style. These work great for indoors and outdoors. I would not use a ladder without them.

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Was about to suggest the same thing. Only use these

One more reason I love sectional ladders.

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Yeah I think that may be my next big purchase. Never used one but they look awesome for interior work, but looks like itll be tough to find a half section from what Ive been reading. The 3 peice units are $1300 up here in Canada after tax and shipping though!

Kinda spendy.

How do these work on slippery slopes? I like being able to stab feet into the dirt a bit, but but I wonder if that is a disadvantage on these types?