Rubber overlap marks on windows?

Hi all,

I have come across a really weird problem on one of my customers windows.
Right now I’m using X rubber sold by window cleaning and I really like it. But Im wondering about its quality. I have a customer who lives right on the beach and when I bought my water fed pole I naturally did his windows with it since we do the job every 2 weeks. Then came the phone call that there were lines across all the windows. I have done the windows using straight strokes and using the fanning technique so there was a whole mixture of lines and marks. I put my squeegee up to the glass and saw that the lines match up with the overlap over the dry area of glass. So is the rubber actually rubbing off on the glass?? These lines can be seen in a week or so after cleaning because the sea spray sticks on the windows and it’s really striking. So Ive now had to go twice to scrub these lines with steel wool, which works but at a snails pace, without getting paid. Any thoughts? comments?
Similar experiences?


Too much soap.

What’s the temperature there?

Do you use hard of soft compound rubber?

Was it hot when you did it??? Like the sun was on it for a long time, hot hot??

I have had this happen to me. The sun was cooking the window and when I squeegeed it, lines were left behind…but I couldn’t see them immediately, only when I came back 3 weeks later…I think the rubber kind of melted or something and I couldn’t see that at the moment and then dirt was caught on the melted rubber.

Just did it when the sun wasn’t on it using my micro-tiger, looked fine.

Just to add, when I had the lines it was with Unger Soft rubber. Try Pulex hard

In warm/balls sweating hot places, hard rubber is awesome

It wasnt hot when I did it. Its usually foggy near the beach there. I dont use too much soap either. About a quarter cap of Glisten for two gallons of water. I noticed the lines today when I did a different house. I did the window twice. The second time i applied the water/soap , the water ran off these marks . These are not streaks but some kind of invisible film being left behind by the overlapping rubber. Now when the window is clean the lines cannot be seen but at the beach with the moist air they become visible. I was thinking about the rubber. Anyone else try X rubber? It is a soft silicone rubber by the way.

silicone you say? I’ve heard other people have problems with 50ft roll, witch is silicone.

I am one of them. For some reason the silicone is not as good and does not last long at all. I’d rather go with natural rubber.

Hey @theclearchoice. I know it’s been like 14 years but did you ever figure this issue out?? I’m having the same issue now. After I did a customers windows lines showed up where I overlapped a dry part of the glass with my rubber. No idea how to get it off (some success with steel wool). Here are some pics: using sorbo rubbers and it happens with best silicone coated rubber and normal sorbo rubbers but not T-rubbers.

Meant to say “silicone coated sorbo rubbers” not “best silicone rubbers”