Rule Amendment Change

We have made a couple wording changes and additions to the official set of WCR rules. You can find them all here:

Board FAQ

The main change comes in on rule #5

5) Keep all links for your company within your signature space. Go to “My WCR” - edit signature. No Images are permitted in signatures and avatars are to be no larger than 200 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. A maximum of 2 links are allowed in your signature.

A lot of folks have been adding pictures into there signatures via html recently and its been causing a increased server load time on certain pages. I like to deliver the best experience possible for everyone here and page speed plays a big part in overall user experience. I hope this doesn’t cause any inconvenience for anyone, if you need help editing your signature please let me know I would be happy to help out. I will give everyone a couple days to make edits and then I will kinda weed them out as I see them after that.

thanks for understanding.


Speaking your mind Larry(w/ profanity none the less) is breaking rule #18
Glad your here man… Take care

Is my facebook badge thingy okay, or should I delete it?