Running a power washer in an enclosed trailer (how to manage the exhaust) need help

Is anyone else running a power washer in an enclosed trailer or van? Im trying to figure out the best way to manager the exhaust. Im not very handy with stuff like this. All i did was take a dryer vent hose and duct tape it to the exhaust cover guard.

It works but dont think it’s the permanent solution :slight_smile:

If anyone has any suggestions please let m know. It’s a honda GX390 engine

This looks interesting.

Hot Water Skid Installation Kit For Enclosed Trailers - Hot Water Pressure Washers

im working with duct tape and dryer hose here… lol just to give you a sense of what kind of budget im looking to spend on this.

You’ll want to get some flexible tubing, you can find it at an auto parts store. Get a welder to weld this to the muffler so that all the exhaust feeds into the tubing. Route the tubing through the floor of the trailer and seal that with some high temp goop. Wrap some insulation tape around the muffler tubing so that nothing will melt if it touches it. You’ll want to bolt the frame of the washer to the floor too, so there’s not too much strain put on that tubing.

The link Shawn provided is for venting the exhaust from a hot water pressure washer, not the exhaust from an engine.

If you’re looking to vent from a hot water burner, you can build your own vent cheaper using parts like these:


Thanks Micah, i’m gonna go with what you laid out. The PW is coldwater and on wheels so i dont want to do anything that will keep it in place, but want to avoid getting dizzy everytime i run the machine lol.

I would prolly run my hose out one of the doors versus drilling any holes in my trailer floor… Get some flex hose, (you don’t need a welder if you have enough exhaust pipe clamp it) yea you’ll have to move your flex pipe everytime you open/close the doors but it’s still better than cutting unneccessary hole, imo. Clamp would be good for tight budget, but welding is really the way to go… EDIT: also you don’t need to bolt your pw to the floor but atleast strap it to the walls. You can get those “rails” and the ratcheting straps that click into them pretty cheap. Attatch the rails to the walls and voila, your pw is secure in transit, but not permanently. We used this for our wfp in the co i used to work for…

Thats what I did, just got some D rings and ratchet strapped it to the floor. It’s solid… im gonna get some of that flex tubing today, i’ll take pics of what I got now and what it looks like after the flex tubing.

Holes in the floor of an enclosed pressure washing trailer are a good idea…

Ive still got a black ceiling in one of my trailers from the steam pressure washer in “The Great Ice Melting Fiasco of Winter 09”, vents are a definite must when diesel is involved;)

Plus making sure your not burning too rich or too lean… Doing so will produce black smoke and won’t be nearly as efficient.