Running your pump off of your

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Does anyone run their pump off of the cigarette lighter of your truck?

If so does it take a tole on starting your truck?

Or does anyone know of a battery box that can charge via AC plug-in, and have a on/off switch?

I’ve been charging our battery with a regular car charger, is that how everyone is doing it now days?

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I’d be worried about draining it and getting stuck. I use a marine battery and charge it every 2 or 3 days overnight on a regular car charger.

How many hours
Do you put on it over those three days?

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I’d say 15 to 20 hours. I forget the calculations, but I think with the pump I use , I should be able to get something like 38 hours from it, but it takes no time to pull it off truck, don’t want to push it , and put it on a charger overnight. Are you using a Marine battery or regular car battery? A car battery really isn’t designed to use with pumps and gets used up pretty quick.

Yeah I think it is a car battery.
It dies really fast. Sounds like I’ll be going to get a marine battery tomorrow

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I installed a deep cycle marine battery as the starting battery for our car a couple years ago. This really isn’t recommended, but it’s worked well for our needs. The battery is a bit oversized, but fits snuggly where our old battery went. The battery just charges off of the alternator, and the amount of travel involved in our service area has kept the battery charged well. I’m also not using the WFP every day I work. But I can do a full day of WFP work and not have to worry whether the car will start.

I wired the power cord for the pump into the back of the accessory outlet, so I can still plug in phone chargers and the like.

Van has it’s own battery - i leave that well alone.

The WFP set up has a marine/leisure battery which get’s removed and benched charged overnight/weekend as required.

I used to have a split relay charger, charging the leisure battery, but sometimes it didn’t work too well, especially if I wasn’t doing enough miles to charge the van battery and the leisure battery.

Marine (deep cycle) batteries are designed to be discharged completely or nearly so. Are best charged and maintained with a trickle type charger. You can usually get one at a box store or automotive store cheap enough. They even have ones that mount them where you want them, and just plug it in when you need to charge your battery. Fast charging a deep cycle is not good. So it has never been a good idea to mount one to start a vehicle (high output charging systems) or to fast charge with a charger.

Car batteries are NOT meant to be discharged like a deep cycle. It can kill the cells in the battery. Besides, it is what starts your vehicle. Why mess with it? A tow bill or calling for a jump will usually cost you more than a deep cycle battery.