Rust spot on glass?

I have an account who seems to have rust spots on their window glass. I tried to remove it with Unger Rub Off… didn’t work at all… looks like the windows weren’t well take cared of.

Do you have something to suggest me? Is this removeable?

Is the sign lettering vinyl or painted on?

Is it pitted (welding splatter, or sparks from cutting metal)?

I think Steven is right on track. Looks like welding splatter. The metal rusts in time and runs onto the glass. Either it will have to be replaced or restored w/ a Glass Renu system.

If youre above the 45th parallel then it is most likely from salt and rocks from the sidewalk plow. I have a dozen commercial and office clients who have submitted claims to the city for this exact thing. They spread so much small rocks and sand and then they plow and spray it up with the plow tractors. Nothing you can do unless youre equipped for scatch removal.

Yes, if it’s grinder burn/welding slag, forget scratch removal. The window needs replaced.

If its a rust runoff STAIN (and it doesn’t look like it), then OneRestore works well.

That does make sense…This account is a pretty small restaurant and the windows are lower than the sidewalk, and we do have small rock and salt in winter time. Probably these are the problem… and yes it is vinyl lettering.