Rust stains on Vinyl siding

I couldnt find it on any previous posts. Does anyone come across the persistent rust stains on the vinyl siding where the fireplace is. I know it comes from the chimney caps , but the x-jet solution doesnt put a dent in it. When I come across this, I usually tell the customer that stuff wont be coming off. Who here gets it off and what do you use and how do you do it. Thanks

I come accross a lot of rust on siding where I live. I upsell the cleaning of it all the time. I can clean off the rust from vinyl siding in minutes and usually charge between $50 and $100 for it.

Send me a PM and I’ll tell you what I use.

Your solution would benefit much more people if shared here, don’t you think ?

I use THIS , you can get it at Home Depot, but never used it on siding, only on concrete so I can’t tell you if it’s gonna work or not.