Rust WILL Scratch Glass

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Rust Never Sleeps

Thanks guys. I always drop a few drops of motor oil into my case of new blades to help keep them rust free. I imagine a spray of WD-40 every once in a while would do the same thing.

Would you guys consider doing a video of a new razor on dry glass? Maybe even include a 1’ razor too for testing. I think that would make the series complete.


There ya go Micah… Brand new blade…

Crap! I just watched the video of a razor on dry glass. You guys were way ahead of me.

I didn’t catch that, does soap prevent glass from scratching???

As stated so many times before glass is actually harder then a thin steel blade.Therefore there is NO reason why it should scratch provided…the heat treated substrate is of “good quality” Annealed glass doesn’t even come into the equation!

Rust aka “Iron Oxide” is harder therefore as demonstrated it will scratch glass.

Regarding these myths about dry scraping vs wet scraping & scratching being a result with dry being a culprit is also incorrect.

Although it’s not wise to try and scrape off debris “dry” is why we use soaps, for glide purposes & to help “lift & suspend” dirt,dust & debris.

Even the mention of “friction reducers” giving you glide to avoid scratching is misleading.If [U]ANY[U][/U][/U] heat treated glass is of good quality,there should be no issue’s of scratching.

Thanks for the video Alex. It saved my day. I just finished cleaning 3 huge Atrium windows with wfp & noticed building chemical on the outside once it dried out. I dry scraped it out & the finish was great. Before this - I’ve always resorted to wet scraping which means re-doing the job.

No problem Karl

I scrached an inside french door with a brand new sorbo razor wet and dry. could it just be cheap glass???

Probably Fab debris…

Cheap has nothing to do with it – as Chris stated, it’s defective.

I can see it on exterior glass but its hard to see on interior glass

In many cases, a lighted microscope is required.

Did you hear anything?

I believe the password here is 'DEFECT" or…in the layman’s terms “Itchy”:wink:

No I didn’t hear anything and it felt smooth. luck for me the painters got there first

Not sure im following you? Does that mean the painter jacked up the glass?