Ryan's and hard water streaks

Done a Ryan’s restaurant today and most of it went beautiful however I had hard water spots that were caked on the glass and could scrape or scrub them off with Ettore hard water remover, steel wool or a few home brews. The good news is they want a quote for the removal of the spots but I don’t what to charge or how to do it other than ordering a Jflint system. Any advice on price or how to handle this will be welcome.

P.S. I researched it on past threads but I could not find out the difference between something like One Restore and CC550. I tried to do my home work.

CC550 seems to be the last resort prior to a scratch kit. One restore is weaker.

Self-ban yourself please

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That would probably make too much sense, tbh

hardwaterremoval.3gp - YouTube this is the products I used the other day.