Safe n' Easy Metal Restorer

We have won a bid on a large project. The customer is now asking us to use a product called [I]Safe n’ Easy Metal Restorer[/I] on the frames. I am going over the MSDS right now and it appears safe enough to use. Usual precautions goggles, gloves, and ventilation. The MSDS states a health rating of 2.

Has anyone used this product?

Any recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a comparable product that is safer to use?


What condition are the frames that they require use of this product?

Had you planned on using a different product on the frames?

Hey Larry

I was going to use oil flow, or Winsol Aluma wash.

There is some concrete run off type of staining that made it from the top across the windows onto the frames.

It is a pretty simple solution that is found in many commercial janitorial products

It is a phosphoric acid with a surfactant (joy) and a degreaser (butoxyethanol) in it. You could probably buy a 12 to 18% phosphoric clinging bowl cleaner, dilute it with some water and add some joy to act as a surfactant.

When mixing your own solutions, check to make sure it doesn’t breach the annodized “paint” on the frames.