Safe Restore

Does this take off screen burn?

Man Chris you must be reading my mind. Around here we have so many older homes w/ storms on them and the screens are always metal. After time the infamous screen burn happens and people call after not having their windows done for years and expect miracles. After reading so many posts on SafeRestore I can’t imagine it not working.

It should work fine on screen burn,by chance 1 or 2 attempts isn’t cutting it there’s always oven cleaner! Safe-Restore will also brighten up screens (nylon balck mesh) preferably i mentioned that awhile back.

I had nothing but…good results from Safe-Restore with everything i’ve tried it on.

Will oven cleaner damage vinyl siding?

Well…oven cleaner is a corrosive! Not really sure on how it would react towards vinyl siding? I believe i’d be careful around anything other then the glass,futhermore…you want to work quick with it spray on scrub & rinse making a point not to let it have chance to dwell in the seals themselves.

Today I did a test section on large industrial building with a lot of hard-water.

Used saferestore and it melted that stuff off like butter. this stuff is the best i’ve ever seen… Every guy should have a gallon in the truck and about 2 or 3 more in the garage…

Have any of you ever compaired CC550 to safe restore?

CC550 is a chemical you do not want to play with without doing your homework and being extremely cautious. While Safe Restore has it’s elements also that make it a liquid to be concerned about. CC550 is far more dangerous to the surroundings that it is used in, including to the user.

Full PPE is in order when breaking out CC550. I only use Safe Restore. It works and is less to worry about.

I thought this thread was about screen burn, not HW stain removal.

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I’ve heard many say that cc550 is stronger than saferestore, but I’ve done about 5 test sections on industrial buildings (yeah I know that’s not a big sample), but so far I’ve had just as good- if not better results every time with saferestore…

Sorry I will try and direct it back on coarse.

What is screen burn? I don’t think I have seen it and if I have I wouldn’tknow what to call it.

Screen burn (more properly “aluminum oxidation”) is a gray or dull haze on the exterior of windows that will not come off no matter how hard you try with conventional methods. Many old school window cleaners use Easy Off but warn that you must make sure you use precautions.

It comes from aluminum mesh screens that have oxidized over time. If left for too long it will become permanent.

wow, thanks. I guess i must be lucky cause in all my years I have never seen that.

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Can you post some pictures of screen burn?

I have seen screen burn but did not take photos. Perhaps there are some out there somewhere. I think Andy from Alaska has some on his informational website.