He must of thought it was.:eek: The Safety Seminars that the IWCA put on always include a little slide show of pictures like that one. There are some scary situations that people have put themselves in. Craziness!

I have to admit, I did some stupid stuff like that when I started out in this business. I’m glad I’ve realized that my life is more important than clean windows.

Scary! I can’t believe what some people will do. Just plain nuts!

What was the question?

I think Terry set up a rig like that once…

I have some more if you want to see. I could only post 4 at a time.

Not seen that first one before - thats a classic.

Oops – how’d that second one get in there?

:eek:What are you doing…following me around?

I have done a bunch of those…bucket on a ladder, ladder set up in bucket truck, 32’ ladder set up on a table to reach the top, put 40’ ladder up in bed of my truck…

Once, I tied a rope on a head piece, passed it over the side of the roof and climbed down it to clean windows under an overhang on the top of a 3 story building the 40’ ladder wouldn’t reach…

number 4 pic is cool, red neck scaffolding… LOL