Safer case for a WFP

I wasn’t really planning on it, but I ended up walking from the IWCA tradeshow with a new Gardiner Superlite WFP. This is my first professional WFP, as my previous one is a homebrew.

I realize the Superlite is somewhat fragile. It comes with a nylon zippered bag, but since it’s cloth, it won’t protect it much from being banged around and stuff. I’d like to find some kind of a hardshell case for it. I looked at rifle cases, but they’re not nearly long enough.

I’m thinking about a few larger diameter PVC pipes lined with foam and end caps. This way I could keep the pole in the bed of the pickup truck without fear of them bouncing around or something bumping it.

Anybody got any ideas?

Perhaps search for protective cases for surveying equipment:

Maybe that? It has wheels also. Price is not bad.

I use a large diameter pvc pipe cut exactly to length like you mentioned Micah. You can buy end rubber caps that pushfit & also I have sponge foam just stuffed behind one end cap.

Thanks for all the ideas. The surveying case looks good, should be a bout the right size too. The golf bag case would be ideal, except the poles are too long for it, although it does look super tough.

So right now it’s between the surveying case and a large PVC pipe. I think I may the pvc pipe first, since it’s cheaper. I’ll try to line it with carpet padding. I’ll post some pictures once I get it done.

Hey Micah, great meeting you, your dad, and your Cousin.

That Super Lite was Sick huh??

I literally raised it up with my thumb and first 2 fingers and started stroking with it like that. I met Mike Draper and Shawn Gavin there also, They are both top quality super good guy’s (like we didn’t know that already), but they told me it was at 45ft or so. I was impressed!! That Pole is awesome!!


Thanks for the kind words. It was really nice to meet you and everyone else as well.

Good purchase Micah. I hope you get tons of work for it! Great meeting all you guys - Micah, his dad Darryl, Charlie, Mike, Richard, Sean, Alex, Chris, Bill, Linda, am I forgetting anyone? Oh and of course seeing old friends like Shawn and Craig A.!

Micah, what’s the length or reach of that bad boy?

I’m glad to see that everyone made it home safely.

Richard Crocker

45 feet for now. I’ll be adding two more sections before long to make it reach 60 feet or so. A few more brushes and hoses are in the works too.

I could use one of those myself! I’ll have to get by with my Xtel 28" for now though.


ULINE sells Jumbo Craft Tubes (though one cannot purchase just one or two…):
6" inside diameter up to 72" in length
8" inside diameter up to 60" in length

Perhaps a local packaging store can assist.

PVC does sound sturdier, though heavier.

try a hard case snow ski or snowboard