Safety Cones and Signage

Currently, I carry orange plumbers’ (6 medium, 2 large) and Caution Wet Floor ( 2 small) signs in my van.

Typically, I only use tthem during WFP’ing to address hoses and wet areas.

What do other folks use for everyday safety signage?

When work on pedestrian ways with a ladder I will put a large cone on either side of the ladder. When working late at night or usually early morning when it is still dark I wear a flourescent vest.

When doing a storefront ill put one in front of my bucket of soap. I also put them around my trailor & suv when parked doing a residential

I have some mini cones I purchased at Walmart. I think they are used for soccer or something. They come in handy for sure. I find myself using them alot on commercial jobs at the base of my ladder or where my bucket is. Also handy when doing ladder work in an alley, just throw a couple around your ladder and hopefully it stops someone from plowing down your ladder with their vehicle. Cones are a useful tool that lets everyone around you know where your work zone is and not to mess with it.

28" PVC traffic safety cones, fairly heavy but they’re big. Plus it saves me money on large jobs where i gotta rent signs and get encroachment plans written up.

I barricade all work areas, unless its residential, and unless it’s single story squeegee work, and even then on high profile jobs I create a semi barricade with smaller orange cones and caution tape.

The hoses are already orange, but like you I put a small cone on top of it anyway.

Generally use the large "men working above " cones, We are not always above, but folks get the message

Another good use for them i found is, If you have a lawn sign or something similar & want to advertise a special deal Staple a wood stick on the middle & sit it in the hole on top of the cone. It gets attention when Im parked in a residential area & have my trailor conned off.

Our main power wash truck has 8 42" delineators with our phone number stenciled on them and the main window cleaning van as yellow “caution wet floor” sign and about 6 small orange cones.
We always have a bunch of caution tape on hand too which is a great help.

Yep, have all of the above. The rubbermaid divided bucket also sits nicely on top of the wet floor folded sign. Just stick a sponge in the hole/gap handle & it never folds down completely on you. I don’t really use any of this equipment on private houses. I’ve have around 10 cones!

The delineators are super cool to use cuz the caution tape is perfect around the top part. Easy barriers…I got 6 of those too…