Safety hats

Hi all, I use wfp for window cleaning as its the safest way to clean windows but i also clean out gutters and use a ladder to do this,
after reading about 2 window cleaners falling to their death this week i am thinking off getting a hard hat with chin straps, can anyone recommend
a good hat for this job and where to buy it?

i really dont think a hard hat would help much but maybe a rock climbing helmet if you were inclinded too

When washing breezeways, porches and in high wind I wear a round hard hat with a clear face shield to keep chemicals from getting on my head and face.

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I’ve always been under the impression that hard hats are to protect you from falling debris during construction; same with a rock climbing helmet. I’ve wondered about wearing a bicycle helmet before. Light, comfortable, and should protect your noggin in a fall.

If you do construction cleanup, you may be required to wear a safety vest (orange) and a hard hat. I did an estimate yesterday, luckily I called before I showed up and the superintendent told me to wear e. I quick stop a Lowe’s and I was all set.

rock climbing helmets i believe serve the dual purpose of protection from jagged rock on ur way down

thanks all, rock climbing helmet it is then.

We use the Petzl Alveo helmets for rope access. By far the most comfortable helmet for rope access and its rated for top and side impact. ALVEO VENT | Petzl

There are several types of helmets that do several different jobs. Rock climbing helmets are designed to take an impact from a falling object, same with hard hats. They have an ultra hard shell to keep something from breaking through.
Bicycle helmets are filled with a hard foam that absorbs an impact when YOU fall for a short distance. The bike helmet is the way to go if you think that you are going to need impact protection for a very short fall (less than 4 feet).
Motorcycle helmets are designed to absorb a huge impact when you fall. This would be the way to go if you are over 4 feet off the ground. They are very heavy but that is part of providing so much protection.
Good luck.

I wore my bicycle helmet today for the first time on ladders. I agree that it probably isn’t enough for a higher fall if I were to land on my head. However, if my body hits the ground first it’s going to absorb most of them impact and my head hitting the ground will be relatively minor.
The bike helmet was very comfortable; I probably looked a bit weird, though! :rolleyes:

I use a rock climbing helmet similar to this Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet - Free Shipping at

I made it a point last year to wear it on ladders and roofs. I think rock climbing helmets (apposed to bicycle) are designed more specifically to our trade. Rock climbers are used to twisting there head in all sorts of directions, so mobility is a key feature.

The way I see it is broken bones will heal, but head injuries scare me. What I’ve found is not only does wearing head protection put me at ease, but it also puts my customers at ease. I get comments all the time about how relieved they are seeing me wear a helmet! I think it’s a good reminder to them that we do put our life on the line to make their windows shine, gutters flow, holiday lights sparkle, etc. and that we should be payed accordingly.

I’ve thought recently about buying this myself for use during certain drops. How often do u use it and has it come in handy yet?

I teach snowboarding in the winter, so a couple of weeks ago we were having the preseason training clinic, we were pretty bored so we were pushing each other for different tricks and the one guy that wasn’t even participating ended up catching an edge and hitting his head. Cracked his ski helmet in two places, he had some memory loss so they went ahead and took him for a CT scan. Everything checked out, but we were only on the bunny slope and he wasn’t riding at a high rate of speed, so even the five odd feet from your head to the ground can be pretty serious if you hit just right. So for those hitting the slopes this season, remember the brain bucket!

I’ve been rock climbing for more than 20 years, and one thing to note is that most climbing helmets are not designed with lateral impact in mind. Most are designed for rock-fall and climbers above potentially dropping objects. I usually wear a helmet only while on busy multi-pitch routes and while belaying in high traffic areas. I find ski/snowboard helmets to be more appropriate for lateral skull protection. I’ve yet to wear a helmet on a window job, but this thread has me thinking.

Us too. Good helmet, get the vented ones.


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