Safety Meetings

For some of the larger companies out there… Do you have company wide safety meetings through out the year? If so, what topics do you generally cover? Do you have sign off sheets that are signed and filed??

I am a one-man shop, so no employee safety meetings.

In another life, I had weekly meetings with staff regarding safety focus. Discussions includes hazard identification and avoidance, general good practices, safe ladder and lifting procedures, and even home ergonomic topics. I loved passing along kudos of safe procedures during these meetings and in weekly management reports that went up the chain – great for teamwork and morale. Results included a corporate Safety & Security Role Model Award for making my department an example of a safe place for people to work.

I know OSHA promotes “Toolbox/Tailgate Safety Meetings” to increase focus and awareness. Look to them and their partners for outlines, handouts, etc.

And remember, the focus on safety shouldn’t start and stop on the job – employees should be aware of safety at home, in the car, etc.

I don’t think you have to be a larger company to have safety meetings. I only have one full time employee. And while we don’t have “safety meetings”, we do have safety discussions while on the job from time to time.

Earlier this year I took a First Aid and CPR class given by the American Red Cross. Next year I am considering having my employee take the class too. Holding safety meetings and or discussions are important I think no matter how big or small your company is. It would be nice to know what to do in case of a safety mishap though. Right?

[COLOR=Blue]We have a safety meeting every two weeks (every other Monday morning) We use topics that we purchase from Safety Services, Yuma, Arizona. They are reasonable cost and have a place for every employee to sign stating that they understand the topic and have not had any on the job injuries in the past two weeks. Their number is (866) 204-4786[/COLOR]

Let’s bring this thread back , but make it for the forum members to discuss safety on a weekly basis. Thanks Alex



Sounds great lets try to keep safety in the forefront of all threads, and…If we keep talking about things “ON THIS THREAD” it should always stay on the first page. I THINK WE ALL SHOULD READ THIS THREAD AND POST HERE WHENEVER WE CAN TO KEEP IT ON THE FIRST PAGE !

Like Dave the Yog-Man pointed out "SAFETY FIRST ! "


The first 3 post here are by 3 WCR Titans and Floyd-ster with a great promotion, a great start !

Great posts guys, safety is very important. Whenever I am working with an employee I always am chatting
with them about safety and strategy. We do not have safety meeting in place yet, notice I say
yet. Next year I am working on removing myself from the field almost completly, this is a VERY important
SYSTEM that I need to create and implement on a bi-weekly basis.

I also would see it very beneficial for members to work together compliling different topics of discussion,
which we can then use in our safety meeting within our companies.

This is a good topic for WCRA members to have exclusivley as well. Or maybe this could be an addition
of what WCRA can offer members?? Bi-weekly or monthly topics which WCRA outlines for members to use??
Chris … Alex could we be on to something here!!!

We are eagerly awaiting the safety manual that comes w/ WCRA membership.

That’s fine for members, and a very good idea but what about those who aren’t members of WCRA? I think the WCRA is awesome just wish I could afford it right now

I’m sure there will be tons of safety discussions on the forum for safety. Not to mention the WCBO mag and it’s safety column.

I think its important to do safety meeting sort of around the season.

IE: This time of year we do more stuff about, Methanol, chemical safety. Working in the cold weather.

Then in Summer stuff we do a lot of heat exhaustion stuff. The important thing is you are doing these things on a regular basis. Its way to easy to get to comfortable up on your ladder. So a constant reminder is very helpful.

I agree, That’s why I think you guys should put up a disscussion type of group (frequency would be up to you) for your members to discuss any safety issuse or concern that they have. I know I would be interested in learning more as I’m new to the industry, and not always sure what questions to even ask.So a group like this would be a huge benifit for newbs such as myself and the vets.I like the seasonal idea focus on the time at hand.I’m sure I woudn’t be the only one interested in a group session where members get together all at the same time and same place, and just share their knowledge and experiences. If this already exsists I must have missed it, and if I did could you tell me where I should look to find it… Thank you guys for all you do

I have safety meetings monthly and record attendances. we also have meeting when safety issues arise. the most important one is the start of every high rise job, if employees do not attend they do not work on the job as all rescue, safety issues, escape plans and procedures for the job are discussed and worked out,


I am drawing my experiences from running a construction company. While these are different industries, I think its still relevant.

There are two reasons for having regular safety meetings. The first and foremost reason is to regularly instill safe practices and procedures in your employees minds. Thats the good side.

The second reason, is the ugly, but none the less, the face of reality. As an employer of a significant amount of employees, you must cover your butt and protect all that you have built. Those weekly safety meetings, signed by your employees, will be to your benefit in two different ways. The first is, should an employee get hurt, in a way that is counter to your policies, you will be able to show in court that you have given that employee instructions on how to be safe and he/she took actions that were counter to those directions, it puts some of the responsibility for the accident back on the employee.

The second reason is that OSHA requires documentation of regular “tailgate” safety meetings. Failure to document those meetings will result in significant fines.

In the industry that I was in, I would often get visits from both OSHA and Division of Mines. The one thing I learned by those frequent inspections was that if my paperwork (IIPP, tailgate safety meetings, etc.) was impeccable, the inspector was less apt to go digging for something to site me for.

In the industry that I was in, I would often get visits from both OSHA and Division of Mines. The one thing I learned by those frequent inspections was that if my paperwork (IIPP, tailgate safety meetings, etc.) was impeccable, the inspector was less apt to go digging for something to site me for.

I just counted i have 10 safety manuals on my shelf and heaven knows how many pages of inspection reports. OSHA loves their visits and get to read a new manual every time. keep records and you are safe. Also keep up to date. I hate the paper work and investigations when some one does not follow procedures

In the state of Washington companies are required to have safety meetings once a month if that company is insured by labor and industry

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Actually once a week,accordingly to an L&I inspector I recieved a visit from lately. Although I dont know how thats possible with a small operation.

Back in Jan I receieved a letter from L&I stating that they were going to be visiting those who worked on buildings and roofs…pretty vague. But so far I’ve heard of 7 window cleaning/pressure washing outfits being visited. Mostly they are nailing people for the timecard recordings or lack there of.

Also, I’ve heard of 3 outfits getting nailed by L&I for lack harness use while on a roof…$4000 a pop, then negotiated down to less than a grand. Each of these occurances have been on residential homes