Safety Training System for Employees

You guys have any video courses for OSHA approved training that covers all areas of your business that an employee would engage in?

  1. Ladders
  2. safety harnesses
  3. roof work
  4. chemicals

How do you go about your employee safety training? I found it kinda tricky navigating the OSHA website.

Anyone have a story of OSHA paying you a visit?


Also include driving, heat, cold.

We have a monthly meeting for about a hour going over safety.

I honestly believe that a video course is not sufficient.
Especially when dealing with harnesses/roof work when dealing with fall restraint and fall arrest, if you watch a video it might give you a tip on this or that, but its not going to teach you height dynamics and what type of harness point you should be connecting to for various situations if you are unable to properly identify the roof anchor you are dealing with the results could be fatal this is more information than you can find in any video under a few days in duration with a significant amount of a text book to read and study.

If you were in Australia I could link a dozen organizations who could give you what ever training was required for any job, each one would be a different course and be charged individually which is what we have to go thru here I have half a dozen tickets(licenses) which is the result you get from these courses some are valid for 3 years some are valid for 10 years.

Be sure to document the training, include an overview of training, any documents used and signatures of who attended that training.

There is really no osha approved material, OSHA states it as a competent person must provide the training so you must be able to explain why the trainer is competent to teach the material.

What they look for is the record keeping of training and retraining of all employees.

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Yah that’s a bummer, the closest I got to the land of people with awesome accents was when I was in Fiji in 2013…

Would you mind still adding those links, maybe it’ll help with understanding

I guess my question is, how do I become OSHA competent, especially with how they’d like record keeping done? You’ve got a wealth of knowledge about this stuff, did you just scour the OSHA website? How did you go about creating your safety manual, and becoming competent with regulations. do you have a system for your record keeping, and do they look for specific things, in your record keeping employers should be aware of? Thanks for chiming in! You might be regretting it now with my questions. lol

I know I can call them up to do a “free” audit on site and they won’t write me up if I’m doing something wrong… But that’s like calling up the IRS and asking for tax advice. It kinda scares me, because then I’ll be more so on their radar for someone to target.

We now outsource training because it adds a better barrier for protection. Training companies have the most up to date changes in industry regulations.

We do annual training through them and our own quarterly retraining. Employees who violate regulations are first suspended for 3 days and terminated on any second offense. A severe violation is immediatly terminated which has happened one time.

The record keeping is very simple, instructor, students, length, items covered and documents used. Each company will vary on what they want to include in their training based on the work they perform.

My experience in MN is everytime OSHA shows up onsite they really are clueless. We basically walk them through the process being used and show them our paperwork, which for each site is usually a booklet. They take pictures of our rigging and usually are overwhelmed but see the length of planning taken and we dont have issues.

We have a plan even for how to deal with OSHA when they get onsite. A violation can be made if they want to for things as simple as chemicals or soaps not being labeled. So be nice, show your knowledge of regulations and safety precautions and things are good.

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I completed a course to be a certified trainer but then found outsiurcibf be best.

Find safety training in your state with industry specific courses which is good because states can have additional regulations above federal OSHA.

Obviously a residential or storefront only company wont likely outsource training.

Every company with a employee is required to have a written safety policy.

Our annual safety training has alwas been a fun outing for our crew. They enjoy being put into situations and getting out of them or having another employee assisting.


Hey Thanks for the reply. I think I found the info I needed on the labor an industries website, I thought DOSH/OSHA was a different department completely from L & I… So i haven’t connected the dots until now on where to go for educational stuff.