Salt water stains?

Is anything special needed to deal with water stains from a salt water pool?

Sure its actually stained or just needs to be scraped off?

I do quite a few places with salt water pools and never experienced much more than just caked on salt (indoor pool).

I haven’t looked at it yet. Would it need a scraper out could it be done with steel wool or a white scrubby pad?

depends on how bad it is but the majority of the time steel wool or a scrubby will do it. Also, presoaking the windows has helped.

I’m thinking that salt is hydrophilic and that anything that you can do to give it a drink will help it soften and let go of the glass.

that will help for sure i agree

Went to the house yesterday. It’s on top of a windswept mountain and the stains are from water being blown from the pool onto the glass. The most recent stains (from a week or two ago) come off easily with just a soap solution.
However, there are 8 large panes with stains from multiple wind storms over the years.
I tried sorbo powder and unger rubout on them; didn’t touch it.

All of the glass is tempered.


[SIZE=3]Use One restore put three parts of water to one part One Restore.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Applie with a purpose made tool so you can applie the chemical.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Use a pole with a doodle bug on the end using a white scrubbing pad. [/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Then you are not to close to the chemical also quicker. [/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Found using applicator on a pole is best get behind it so to scrub harder [/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

To applie One Restore it would be better to use a squeeze bottle and squirt directly on pad or surface do not use sprayer.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Give it a good scrub making sure to keep it wet.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

To rinse the One Restore just use a lot of your normal cleaning solution with a old scrubber just use that one for this purpose. [/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Then squeegee as normal.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Do not let dry on the glass.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

It is advisable that you should avoid direct contact with this chemical so make sure you wear the right,[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]
Personal Protection Equipment or PPE.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]

Although at this strength should at lest wear rubber gloves & safety glasses.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]


You might also want to go to the threads that related to stain removal see if there is some info in relation to the problem.[/SIZE]</SPAN>[SIZE=3]