Sandwich bag method

ok i know this has been discussed many times in other forums before, but its bugging the crap outta me tonight. What do you guys think of putting fliers in sandwich bags and tossing em outta your car onto driveways. I personally think it would irritate the crap out of people. What do you guys think?. Have any of you ever used this method. What do you think CFP, you always got the skinny on good marketing. Passing out fliers on foot is killing me cuz i live in a really hilly area. Steep hills to boot. Its just taking me too long to pass out the amount of fliers that i want to get out.

I had never considered this method of advertising for myself in the past, but I don’t think it to be professional. I know when something of this sort lands on my driveway, I toss it out without reading.

I’m not saying it can’t be effective (a matter of perspective), but how does one measure its long-term worth? Are there those who don’t call you or engage in your services [U]because[/U] of this method?

thanks larry, never thought of it that way. Who knows how many people I might have ****ed off that would have called me. Ill stick to doing it on foot.

Hand delivered fliers should only be a spring board to moving to the next level of advertising. Baggies or not. I am not handing out any next year as I am ready to make the next move.

I would do door hangers way before baggies, if I had no paper slots to use.

What would you say is the next logical move for someone looking to move beyond fliers?

I never used baggies when doing flyers for one reason - I liked the exposure of walking the neighborhood. You’d be suprised how many people are just sitting at home and watching the goings on in the neighborhood. Make sure you’re wearing your comany logo clothing and walk the area. Who knows you might even run into a live human being to chat w/ and give an estimate to on the spot. I’ve had that happen several times and got about 70% of those jobs.