Saying NO! Increases my bottom line

This came about from answering another question about add on services. Saying no to to smaller things leaves more time to make real money. I have people ask me for little things ( in their minds) but are ginormouse time wasters. Can u replace the plastic roller wheel in my sliding screen door? They have no idea what it takes to track down the right wheel. They think Home Depot has everything and your time and gas to Home Depot is free. But in most cases hardware stores don’t have the exact right wheel. In my estimation 3 to 4 hours of actual time to change 1 wheel on sliding screen door. That’s finding the wheel, be it hardware store, Internet or specialty store, going back out and taking the door down, removing old wheel and replacing new wheel and installing door. And that’s the best case senerio. Usually wheel doesn’t come out easy and you have to take apart the screen door to get to the corner wheel bracket and then rescreen the whole screen. So 3 to 4 hour of time along with a rescreen is $365 to $465 of MY TIME. I can make a brand new awesome marquie door for $295 kit cost $98 20 minutes to cut and screen and drive out to install all told maybe an hour total of my time and $200 in profit. What small time wasters do people ask u to do that are a complete waste of time and make you no money.

I knew you were going to start a thread like this when i read your response…:wink:

Anything “[I]Oh, while you’re up there[/I]” related.:rolleyes:
Light bulb/bee’s nest/cobweb/picture leveling/ etc…

Swear to god, I actually did a “while we’re up there” package, a while back.

I loved the private joke, and hated the phrase, so much.
I forget, I think it was a gutter inspection or something stupid like that.

I do sometimes still use the term when bringing up gutter cleaning/window cleaning bundle.
Not sure why, maybe because I figure if I say the words first, they won’t get the chance…

It’s like “you missed a spot” only more irritating.

While you’re up there, I’ve got this paint roller and a gallon of paint…

hang on ive gotta chimp in the van that can do it for peanuts…


Exactly while ur up there can I give u my vacuum and you can vacuum the tops of my cabinets
while your up there can u hand me down all the decorative crap I have had up there for years so I can wash it and then when it’s done put it back up for free. That one needs to come out more can u turn that a little more
while ur here can u do all my mirrors for free
u clean the blinds when you do the windows right?
replace these light bulbs or fire alarm batteries
hose off my patio and all the furniture

its not that I mind doing any of these things it’s that clients think it’s such a small thing so my time will be free. Hey replacing 6 fire alarm batteries took 30 minutes of my time that’s $50.00.

I got a while your up there can you get that dead bird off the roof ( commercial building ). From the same guy while your up there can you bag those leaves in the corner. At least he said I know that’s not what you do, but can you do me a favor. In my mind I was like fuck ya anything for you buddy . $$$$ his office is looking right on to the roof so… Super nice guy though one of my nicest customers . He pays me nicely also :slight_smile:

A resi customer asked me to move a big elliptical down stairs. I think I handled it pritty good I said “No”

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Did you really get ! "You clean the blinds when you do the windows "

Wow !

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I got called to do a gutter cleaning job and there was a tree that had all theses branches coming into the roof . The client ask me if I can trim them , while I was up there. i was like no way jose . Told him to have his landscaper do it , then call me back when done . Dude the landscapers charge him well over $300 for what he did . It was a lot of work ,and I new the client wouldn’t pay me $20 bucks to do it.

So yes say NO !

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yes. I also got a you clean the shutters when you do the windows. Right? The implication was we would include cleaning the shutters for the exact same price as the window clean I had quoted.
I also got a can you pressure wash the driveway while ur here. I said yes your driveway would be $100 Her response was $100 but ur already here. She wanted it done for free because we were already there.

So funny! Yes, the driveway is normally $175. Since we are already here it is only $100

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I charge $25 to dust a ceiling fan.

Takes me 3 minutes

I charge $50 if it requires more than a 6 foot ladder.

As long as you are charging enough to get your hourly rate… It’s not really an issue. If you however are taking on small tasks and not charging enough for your time then simply saying no would be your best bet.

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I haven’t had a whole lot of resi work yet but I got a few “while your here’s” oh while your here, here’s 10 more windows that I didn’t want you to do when you gave me a quote and I want em for free now… Ha ha ha… Well perhaps you misunderstand why I’m here… I’m here to clean your windows to make a living… Not a charity.

The other one was just funny, small storefront Chinese restaurant. After I finished she asked if I could do these 3 large mirrors on the wall. I was like sure, for 5$ more. She said 3$. I was still job hungry here so I accepted. She gave me a can of soda as a tip too. Haha

But what you guys have dealt with… That’s ridiculous. Sorry to hear it.

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That’s why it’s so important to write the estimate correctly . So there is no misunderstanding . For the price I’m doing what is in the estimate. Sure I can through you a bone as long as it don’t take more than 15 minutes .

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Got asked to get the weeds outta the gutters on 2 storey. Yeah I will have a look I said, but no guarantee. No ladder access so tried to dig em out with wfp. Was on the roof doing solar, fully rigged up harness, anchored, non slip gear on tin roof. Damn hose got caught under lip of the tin just a foot away from the weeds, and I had to shimmy down the roof to free it. Stupid attempt, stupid idea. Only a foot away, at full limit of rope, did i reach out n pull the weed out. FUDGE NO! Smartest decision I made that day. Uh, sorry, couldn’t help, get a cherry picker!

Wow! Those folks BETTER have told everyone in the neighborhood how awesome you are! That’s waaaayyy above and beyond

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Since you have your check book out… Can you cut me another check for 300.00

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Patio furniture is a common request for us. I’m considering having the techs always look for one small way to go above and beyond in less than 5 minutes on every job. Something to be remembered by, like wiping down the stainless grill on a housewash.

I’d do 3 mirrors for a #7, 2 egg rolls, and a drink.

I once had a lady ask me to skoot over while I was cleaning her window so SHE can prune her tree…then she asked me If I can prune the other ones as well. I did it …since I was up there!! What do you guys charge for a leafy branch;