Scalebale aspects of service businesses?

Since labor isn’t scaleable in a service business are there other aspects that are scaleable?

Just tossing this out to kickstart the process: I am thinking that onsite upsells provide some scaleability since the expenses associated with establishing the relationship with the client and getting onsite have already been incurred.

Great question!

I think there are lots of little opportunities hidden within a service business to scale.

You can scale your bidding and booking with software like ResponsiBid.

You can scale your marketing and advertising with technology. Facebook ads, ppc all scale wonderfully.

You can scale your sales with software and independent contractors.

Little stuff like this can make a huge difference.

Have you read the book called scaling up? - if not I highly recommend it.


I will buy Scaling Up. I am shocked at the Amazon rating of 4.8 with 428 ratings. That is rare.

Here is an easy to remember quote from one of the ratings: “What is not emphasized enough is that if your senior team is not as close to 100% aligned, you should inspire, or fire, and hire until you do have the right team.”


that’s a real deal book, wish it was out 25-30 years ago, thanks a lot Verne! (sarcasm) lol

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It kinda was 15 years ago under the name “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits”:wink:

Everytime it gets better. It was an good read the first time, when I was just me (over my head). A great book the third time as I went from 2-6. And Unbelievable read as we grow into the future. Just the Rockefeller Habits Checklist, and 4 decisions for Driving Growth are worth it.

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dang, lol