Scam window cleaners - victor & kaz (london uk)

I wanted to notify those to two window cleaners, a purported “husband and wife” team called Victor and Kaz, who work in the West London area, to beware of this team.
I enlisted their services about a month ago. The completed half the work and promised to return the next day. However, they did not appear. I telephoned them on their mobile 07813713064 and “Kaz” picked it up. She promised they would be coming over that afternoon - they did not show up.
This happened a further 3 times.
When I telephoned again at the weekend, “Kaz” put the phone down on me, obviously having no intention of completing the job.
It was obvious that I am not the only person this has happened to but I wanted to ensure that others are alerted to this obvious scam - I had even left them a tip in advance!

Don’t pay in advance

Most homes in the UK do not take very long to do, so im guessing that you have a very large (read expensive)house, Im amazed that you would allow people to work inside your home without getting a company name, a company address, even a company land line, hell, even their last names


bump, I’m kinda curious too, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone banned on here before.

Well, NEWSDESKS is obviously not a WC’er.

Oh that makes sense I didn’t even notice the name!