A guy tried to pull a scam on my this morning. Right before heading out the door to a job I get a text saying “Just bought a new house and want the windows cleaned before moving in”. Great need an address and time frame and I can put an estimate together. Gives me an address and will send a check if I give my full name and address. WAIT! WHAT?! All of the sudden not passing the smell test. I look up the address and it is a home for sale in my area so I call the sales agent and ask about the house explaining my text I just got. The sales agent says NO, they just listed it yesterday and nobody has looked at it yet let alone bought it. Her and I both said at the time “scam”. Beware out there folks. Scumbags roam the Earth with us.

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It’s crazy! I’ve seen so much of that lately.

Whats crazy is just got an identical text from a different number just a bit ago. Scumbags.

I did an analysis of incoming text messages to the business lines two years ago. Out of 200+ text messages in a year, exactly 2 were from customers. The rest were the same EXACT scam. Always from someone who is on mission in Africa, in the hospital with lung cancer, deployed in the military etc.

Solution - I turned off text messaging to the business numbers. Haven’t had a single one since. People can still text the cell that we actually do business on, but not the actual business number.

@Garry I don’t want to be the one to tell you this, but now that they’ve started they’ll never stop. Many different industries get the same scam as well… DJs, plumbers, pest control etc.

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I did the call the Police about it and since I didn’t actually have any money transaction involved they said to report it to the FCC.

Be alert to the spammers. I’ve tried some spammer protected mechanism for my security.

Yep. The first flag was he didn’t answer all of my phone quote questions. Usually a good sign it isn’t legit. Then I got a real potential customer offered up all needed information. We always have to be aware. Damn scumbags.

These scammers operate like big corporations, they have call centers all over the world in nice buildings . The sad thing is they just focus on scamming people in the US and Canada .

Check out the show trafficked on nat geo


This has been happening to me almost daily-they are usually pretty dumb and give themselves away very quickly but I have had a few that were very clever and got me out to do and submit a bid, I had a request for a 10 story commercial building from a well know local corporation. The scammer hacked the building manager’s email account so it looked legit, no misspellings or improper English or suspicious vagueness. I did the quote and the guy gave himself away when he emailed me back and asked me to increase the amount because they had to spend the maintenance budget before the budget renewed. I later got an email from the corporation stating that they had been infil

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