Scheduling customers

How do you schedule your customers? Do you use contracts?

I have a system that has always work for me and by mid January I have 90% of my reoccurring customers pre scheduled for the entire year… Basically we send out service agreements Jan. 1st which states description of service, cost and month/week of service. The customer has 2 weeks to sign and return the agreement to reserve their preferred dates and cost of service.

This has worked well as we schedule each customer for the same dates each year. We clean the same building on the same dates every year so it becomes a regular routine. We also offer at this time the option of a 1 to 5 year agreement.

Thats a great idea to lock them in that way. When all of those “trunkers” come around dropping business cards and doing the lowball thing, im sure the shop owners/ managers remember signing that piece of paper for your service. Kind of forces them to give some loyalty to you.