Scheduling - How to go from hourly to commission - adding extra jobs?

Good Evening all…

Been window cleaning for almost 20 years… Love it… Always booked based on aprox $75-$85 per man/hour. (my guys are paid hourly) I do average about $2300 per day with 3-4 guys.

However, I see a lot of you all prefer commission and have seen production and profits increase.

My question is… If we switch to commission and ARE able to produce faster, how do you add additional work at the last minute to the daily schedule thus increasing the commission to employees for the day as well as adding to the daily gross sales?

What work do you add? Do you have a list of clients that say come whenever or a call list pending? Add exterior only? Gutter cleanings?

My fear is I change to commission and don’t end up producing much more and then everyone got a raise except for me… :sob:


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why would they get a raise unless they are working faster in which case they may deserve a raise? i assume you woould make the comission equal to wht they currently get?

Making the swap usually results in more money for top-performers.

I always position it as “you get to control your own income by being fast and good, plus get yourself raises by getting more efficient.” Also, it takes care of increases tied to inflation, as you raise prices, they get raises. While it does offer flexibility, we don’t often add jobs onto a day unless a client has a need.

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