Scheduling multiple jobs in same neighborhood

We have an opportunity to get a lot of business (20-30 homes) from a single neighborhood. As a result, we’re coming up with ideas as to how much we could possibly discount if the amount of interest were told their is for our services comes to fruition.

Since we could likely do several of the townhomes in a single day, outside only, we wanted to know if anyone has offered a discount for doing several jobs in a single neighborhood. What are some advantages or cautions you can think of we ought to have in mind?

Caution would be unless thru HOA or even sometimes then, be cautious about how much discount is given and how it is worded.

Commonly people throw a lure out of high volume of work to reduce rates but when awarding dont award all that was offered and still want the full discounted rates.

I put volume bids based on all work being awarded.



Anthony I’m in the same thought pattern as jhan’s, watch giving a discount because of more work, nothing worse then working below your price.

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We offer 10% off when 2 (or more) resi customers book “together”. (Don’t have to be same day). Obviously this is used as an incentive for customers to bring us more work. If, in your case, there’s no need for the incentive…

We have used this a few times. We serve a large area so our incentive is always based on them being cleaned on the same day, which saves us time and money, increasing profit and number of jobs we have time to do in one day.

We’ve had several times when a resident tried to set this up then others backed out. We stick to our guns and charge the full price when that happens. We are up front about it so have had no complaints about that.

I am currently working with a HOA to clean siding on up to 52 houses and townhomes. They are mandating the owners clean their siding and will include our services and prices in the letter they send out. We will offer a slight discount for same day scheduling, especially if a whole block of townhomes get done at once.

10 - 15% is the most we ever discount.

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Never discount on a “promise”.
Couple ways to look at it:

  • Full price first clean, discount on X amount of units afterwards.
  • Discount with deposit.

That’s what I’m considering. [quote=“Medicjon, post:5, topic:46822”]
10 - 15% is the most we ever discount.

Sounds reasonable.

We appreciate the feedback. Any more suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

Get a few more opportunities like this going… :sunglasses:

We offer a 10% off to all the neighbors that schedule on the same day. We put it on our emails, postcards, flyers, letters. Make sure they are aware of this. There is typically an alpha neighbor that will do some leg work for you.

If someone books an appointment alone, we then send out / call the neighbors we have done work for in that neighborhood. Saying"Hey, so and so just booked an appointment ith us to have her windows cleaned next Thursday. If you would like to have your windows cleaned on Thursday as well, we will knock 10% off both of your bills."

If your worried about to much of a discount. Raise your prices, by 5% and do something that does take much more time but will be noticed. Maybe clean off the front door and threshold, or sweep out the leaves on the front entry.


We’ve gone with a 10% discount. It’s in a neighborhood that’s about 30-40 minutes away, so if we can get several jobs in one day, then not having to travel back and forth several times will be worth it. I hope :smiley:


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