Scored a Tucker WFP at a Flea Market

It’s a 7 section aluminum model, not sure exactly how long yet. It included 50’ of black hose and a soap dispenser bottle. Bought it all for $10!




Good find @Fredled!

Let’s double your money… I’ll give you $20 for it… :slight_smile:


Hahaha, good one!

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do people like these pole? i have one i’ve never used came with the business i bought has 50’ hose and like a 24” gooseneck plus regular brush head

That’s a good find, you’ll realize right away why they switch to carbon fiber


Oh, I realize it already. Haha. I’ve used a carbon fiber pole before… this should be a good work-out.

The reason you got it for $10 is in the title… minus the “score”. :wink:

WOW thats awesome!!

I could see your face already trying to be cool and acting like your gonna think it over…and ask for a discount…lol

Thats awesome

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I started out with 2 tuckers…and sadly I’m using one now…

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I debated offering $2 as a low-ball… :wink:


But you payed full price, what a sucker… $10 :man_facepalming:

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Count your blessings.

aluminum? also or CF

haha, I wish!
No I’m using a borrowed beat up tucker that was canabalized from other broken ones.

Hey, its paying the bills right now. Barely. But its working.

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where are you located

In San Diego.

man im not far if you need to add another tucker to get yours functioning nicer let me know

Much appreciated friend. But you know how it is with these poles. Its a
stepping stone til you can buy cf.

I’m good for now thank you tho.

If you got a good cf tho I’m all in… :heart_eyes:

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getting my gardiner this wk gonna keep my cf for back up and high use on lower level cleans

for it being abc’s triple crown silver its made a boatload of money. it’s almost 7yrs old