Scraper for extension poles?

Is there a scraper made to fit on and extension pole? I was using my wfp on a second story window and there was a glop of paint and I had to break out the extension ladder just for that. I hope so, it sure would save some time. Took longer to get the ladder out and set up than to scrape.

My old triumph will fit on a pole. I assume they did not change the design.

I had done a ton of extension scraping using this tool. (often while hanging 5 five away from the window on a rope)

There’s an angled Triumph scraper that helps scraping with a pole, the regular triumph works well up to about a 2 piece pole above that the angled helps keep the blade on the glass

Any angled scraper should fit on the end of your pole. Triumph, Ettore Scrape Master…

Triumph MK-3 angled should do the trick.

Most scrapers i have come accross do fit on unger poles, apart from those cheap stick handle scrapers which aren’t really specific to window cleaning. (as below)