Scraper question

I’m going to be making an order soon, and Ive always used Ettore Scrapers. They work well for me, but Ive been contemplating trying Triumph Scrapers. Are they any good? would you recommend them? if so which one from triumph?

I use Triumph MK2 standard and angled (pole work) scrapers. I recommend them to anyone.

The newer MK3 scrapers have a very comfortable and secure (rubberized) handle, but hang-up on my belt loops during removal/replacement.

I have also used the new Unger ErgoTec 6 inch scraper – I enjoy the Unger ergonomics, but at times wish it had a longer handle such as the Unger ErgoTec XL squeegee handle.

The MK2 and MK3 Triumph scraper are great. The rubber grip gives you a nice sense of security when your hands are wet. Not all of our guys have them yet. But I have one for myself :smiley:

The Triumph are far superior to what Ettore put out. I use the retractable for the time saving & safety aspect (besides that I never know where to put the lid!).
The retractable will also fit in any loop on your belt.

Thank you for the info guys!

i use the one with a retractable lip that slides up past the blade so it wont cut you when your not using it, and it doesnt need a cap…canada cleaning supplies has it…

i’ve been using it for quite a while on initial cleans and love it, you know how the blade is held in place by two plastic peices one on each side? well one side, when your not using it has a mechanism that lets you push in a little button/tab, and push up and the whole side moves up .3 cm or so, so that it goes past the blade thus illiminating any way you can cut yourself on it…then when you wana use it again, just push the button/tab in again and push down, and it looks and acts exactly like all the other triumph scrapers that need a cap

from ccs’s website "Triumph Retractable Scraper $12.95

Instead of a loose protective cover, this scraper has a built-in protective shield that is triggered with the flip of a finger."

I started with ettore and won a Triumph. I used it for a little while and to be honest I was not impressed. I’m not even sure which one it is, no curved handle, no rubber just a basic black tool. Some times I felt it was to large for res. I had 4 ettore scrappers with blades and all. Brand new, each one. When my blade ran out on the Triumph I just stopped using it. I did not see a value in the tool to justify buying new blades when I had 4 that worked great. Keep in mind I rarely scrape and entire window. I scrape where the crap is. Sometimes i will do the entire glass, but that’s about 15% of the time. Or if the job really calls for it IE house was just painted, glass had not been cleaned in years. But on newer glass 1 or 2 years old I rarly find a need to scrap the whole thing. So now i just use the ettore’s. I also had ungers and well both of them were bent and I think I just got a bad batch. But that was another reason why I did not go with the Triumph. I had the ungers before the Triumph. I had bought 3 bags os blades for them. Now that the tool is bent I don’t have a use for it other then holding papers down. So I’ll be sticking with the ettore.

My friend Bill in Boston keeps telling me how much is loves his Sorbo scraper. I only tried his once. It had a nice feel on the glass, but I didn’t have much glass time to give my honest opinion. But he talks about it constantly. Maybe it couldn’t hurt to look into.

ive given thought to t

r all the time, but I went through blades a lot faster because the blade pertrudes from the blade holder further than on a triumph or Ettore - so I’d chip/break the blade more often. Also, they rusted out fairly quickly on me. It’s a nice scraper and you might just love it, but I prefer the new Triumph scrapers with the rubber handles or the Z-40 (retractable triumph) for most jobs.
P.S. I’ve been using the new ScraperMate holster and really like it. My suggestion for modification would be a bit larger loop holes to fit on larger belts and/or a detatchable loops. Great new product though.

I totally agree about the ScraperMNate not fitting well on the belt. It really needs larger loops. Its a pain to even slide around just the slightest.

o the blade being out so far, I found it to be much faster then the new Triump scraper especially with all the painters overspraying windows. by the way whats a good price for scraping???

Triumph scrapers seem rugged, always nice for post construction.
however, If you dont need the scraper to be on a pole, I highly suggest you try the Unger pro trim 10 scraper(the retractable plastic one.) Most convenient tool for route work I’ve found.

Ive been wondering about that myself, How do you guys and gals price scraping if its more than just a few spots?

I use triumph 6" with stainless blades for construction cleanups or big jobs. I also keep trim 10’s in the tool box. I put a 1" in my pocket every day…just like carrying my keys, I always have one on me.

I normally use whatever i have in stock regarding blades,which is usually stainless although…carbon blades are sharper.

As for pricing…that’s a tough question to answer due to many things.I normally wont charge for a quick scrape of a few paint droppings or small stubborn debris with either a 6" or #9 a 1.5 blade.

When you get into having to scrape entire panes or almost then…this more or less falls into a CCU construction clean-up category then i will charge more for the job.

Another thing too…is properly examining the gig prior to doing the actual work and educating the client along with a scratch waiver if alot of scraping is needed.

On most CCU’s plan on spending at least double time on them even more so if the frames are hammered too so…figure what your time is worth.

one of the handiest little tools i own is the unger pro trim 10 scraper. covers the same area (4") as many scrapers, its retractable, and it fits right in your back pocket. I havent cut myself on it yet!

sorry, I just realized that I already posted something similar. silly me.

As for price…i normally add 1 to 2 bucks depending on how much scraping is needed. That is of course NON CCU

I used to keep the older Unger Trim 10 (also 4") in the scraper slot of my BOAB. It also fit into a QR handle. Not as convenient as the ProTrim 10, due it’s folding nature. I later switched to a Glassman.

I use an angled Triumph scraper with carbon steel blades and keep it in