Scrapermate Triumph holster

Anyone using it? I love mine. Keeps me from having to deal w/ a cover and since I use the angled scraper I don’t use the z-40. I’d like to see them close the ends off to make guiding the scraper in a bit easier. Other than that it’s the best one on the market. imo :cool:

How safe is it? Does the blade touch a magnetic piece? And if so does the blade dull from rubbing metal all day? Im gonna order one this week to check it out… seems like a neat idea.

If you put it all the way into the holster there is no problem because the metal clip that holds the handle is strong so nothing hangs over the edge.

I recently got 3 of them will be testing them this week. The scraper housing is plastic (so no worries of it possibly dulling blades) my main concern was it being crooked after holstering it but…the housing itself is a bit wider then the 6" blade.

Looks promising although…i believe its better suited for exterior unless…you pat the scraper dry every time before holstering it if…using it inside.

Good point about the ins Craig. I’m in the habit of tapping the scraper on a towel just to be safe. So I’m good to go.:wink:

I just picked one up yesterday and I will be testing it out today. Maybe we will make a video blog so everyone can see it

Great idea Alex! I’d love to see one.

keep an eye for it tomorrow.

Great idea Alex! I’d love to see one.

Hey! New Video Blog is up, check it out!

Excellent video! I loved the way you tried more than one scraper. It really showed the versatility of the Scrapermate.

Thanks. Hope to do this with as many new tools as we can get out hands on.

Is anyone using it with Ettore Pro+ scraper?
I suppose my pro+ will fit it as far as looking Chris/Alex’s great video. But not sure, so I can’t decide to buy it now.

The scraper mate will fit any scraper ideally meant for a 6" so…any of the makes available will work. We’ve been running with it for a week now my guys are liking them.

I’ve been using the old school MK-2 truimph holster for years so…im use to running with no cap even though we have been using Z-40 retractables for awhile now.

As Alex said it just takes getting use to if your use to running with a holster where it requires you to replace the safety cap.

My only complaint is…i wish the loops were bigger & the material made alittle thicker.

Exactly Craig, it is a little tuff to get on a belt. When I first picked it up I thought it would not fit on my belt… but it did. After I made that video I gave it to one of my guys and he loved it. He only used it for one day so far, but he really thought it was great. I suppose all the guys will want one soon.

I’m not able to download all of the new video blog – it only loads the first few seconds – I’ve tried several times now – any ideas??

i’ll check on that and try to fix it behind the scenes

Hey Jason I just checked it out with 4 different browsers… Safari, explorer, opera and firefox it seemed to be working fine. It may be your connection speed.

If the loops aren’t up to snuff you could just add your own. They’re just riveted on so you could rivet on a larger piece of material in it’s place.

true. but it did fit on my belt after a little talking to.