I was wondering what the consensus is regarding scrapers. The nylon cover for the blade doesn’t seem very safe. I know the squeegees are the best but I have never ran up on a window cleaner using a scraper. I could only find one that is on the market and it is steel so that is a negative for me right off the bat as I like my scraper to be lightweight.

Does have other scrapers?

I have a Triumph MK3 6 In. Angled Scraper that I have never gotten comfortable with.

I have thought about buying a Unger Ergo Tech Scraper, anyone have one of these they can tell me some details about?

Ettore Champion 5" has always been my favorite. I literally have about 50 of these that I’ve accumulated over the years. Very light, easy to handle and cost effective.
Recently I obtained a scraper mate holster for my large steel Triumph scraper. Any thoughts on that holster? Many of you are familiar with this one, designed by a window cleaner.

What is your favorite scraper of choice and why?

I haven’t tried any scrapers from the S word (the name is unspeakable since they don’t allow WCR to carry). I use the triumph w/ retractable cover so I can keep it in my back pocket. I will eventually buy the angled triumph as well. I think home depot sells some type of blue handle that will wrap around the triumph handle, it has indents for your fingers. Should be in the dept with all the window cleaning stuff.

Ever seen any of these Carlisle scrapers?

That’s new to me. It’s very convenient that there’s an ad for triumph scrapers attatched to this thread. haha

The ads must run random because there is no scraper ad on my screen this time around.

I’ve used many scrapers and have found the Triumph MK-3 angled to be the best. I don’t care for the scrapers. I have also found the Ettore super channel easily replaces my channels.

I saw your Iowa Hawkeyes play in the Outback Bowl Tony…are you a fan?

who the flip uses scrapers!!!

I will try the Ettore channel next time. I ordered my S word before I joined WCR and realized there was an embargo on their products. haha

I was as a kid. Not much anymore even though I live about 45 minutes from the stadium.

Shonn Greene is a beast. Too bad he’ll be playing on Sunday’s next season.

Just hope he doesn’t pull a Ronnie Harmon!

Check out your next great Iowa running back.

I’ve used the little mini scrapers with no handles but never this Unger one. Have you ever tried this baby?

You said you do CCU so I doubt you’d be using it for that type of work.

The kid looks impressive but I’ll wait to see him play against Penn State or Michigan.

I tried it and didn’t like the mechanism for exposing the blade. It takes 2 hands and then you can’t use it on a pole so I couldn’t justify needing 2 scrapers.

I used to use the Vermop (same style) when I first started out, then switched to the 4" Unger Trim 10 because I could use it with a handle. Then found Triumph.

I have it and love it. I have a Triumph mk3 and also enjoy that… but the little unger one is nice

I think my next order from WCR I will toss in one of those little scrapers just to get a feel for it on a home. I only do residential (for the most part) and never do CCU so it could become a part of the road gear as it could be placed in a pocket.

it’s a great little tool. super easy to get tap of the door of a commercial and fits in a snug place on my belt