Scratch removal business blueprint

Hi is anyone getting steady business from glass scratch removal alone. Or have any ideas they could share on how they got success with approaching new customers.
I’ve been doing scratch removal for 10 years or so and it’s very sporadic ( not my full time job either). I know it’s kinda an untapped market and hardly anyone does it here in New Zealand., or is it better to use it as an ad on to window cleaning, gutter cleaning etc etc.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,

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Do you find lack of calls? Or pricing is too high?

  • because on MY end, I’m all over throwing previous shitbag contractors ‘under the bus’ who fucked up glass, leaving it for me to disclose (share the bad news) when I’m bidding…

I’ve got a Google ad going on, mainly the lack of calls.ive never really been questioned over a price and think I’ve got that fairly good at $100 starting.i advertised recently in a local magazine that went out to 35000…not one single enquiry.

Reach out to other window cleaners, because you are ‘the asprin to our headache.’

  • I would guess it would a numbers game, and probably a low rate of acceptance vs referrals, but if you had enough feelers/referrals out there… you could do well.

  • I dont speak for all, but I’d KILL to refer any/every customer with cement on their glass, or dog scratches, etc… to someone else. Rather than taking the time to explain, “no I cant fix that, sorry”