Scratch Removal On Glass door

I have a relatively large scratch on the front of my glass sliding door… It is a pretty new door, so I would love to be able to restore the scratch without having to replace the whole glass panel… Are there any glass scratch removers? Any tips would be greatly appreciated…

SRP has a great system to remove scratches. It also goes by scratch hog. I’m not sure sure where you are located so search for SRP and look for links in your area. If the scratch is within 2" of the edge, a different system will be needed.

SRP recently dropped all distributors but they are still selling direct. Just do google search and they’ll come up. Its a great system, but like biodieselDave said, you will not be able to get to any scratches within 2 inches of the side.

We sell Scratch Pro by The Glass Guru as well. This system is a 100% dry removal system. No slurries, no pastes, just a series of pads designed to bring down the glass around the scratch.

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1.Apply polishing or jeweler’s rouge to a lambs wool buffing pad. You can either buff the scratch by hand using a circular motion or with an electric buffer on medium speed.
2.Wash the polishing compound, jeweler’s rouge or whitening toothpaste off from time to time in order to check on the progress of the scratch removal.
3.Mix two ounces of ammonia with two quarts of water. You may want to be sure to hold your nose closed during this process! Also, always wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when working with ammonia.
4.Clean the glass surface with the ammonia water with a clean soft sponge.
5.Dry the glass with a lint free towel. If the scratches are not completely gone, they should at least be less apparent. If there is no significant difference, consider contacting a glass company to replace or rebuff the glass.

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