Scratched glass from scrubber?

Hey guys,

Sorry I’m a homeowner not a pro. If I’m supposed to be in a homeowner forum please let me know.

Anyways I have a few unger scrubbers (the basic ones and also some of the newer microfiber blue and white ones), and typically use unger easy glide solution. I use unger frames and ettore soft rubber for what it’s worth.

Anyways my house has a lot of glass. Lately I have been noticing some mild scratching. Based on the scratch patterns it seems like it’s more likely crap stuck in the scrubber and not crap stuck under the squeegee.

The windows are generally pretty clean when this is happening. None of the scratches are really bad. The glass seems pretty soft (lots of andersen).

What can I do to prevent this? Should I really and try to rinse out the scrubber more? Where does dirt hard enough to scratch glass even come from? I try to keep my scrubber on the glass and not pull all sort of &^$#% off the surrounding frame and siding so I’m kinda confused how this happens.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

You may be seeing the results of glass dust from the factory that was on the rollers. Is it tempered or heat treated glass?

As far as I know it is not tempered, just standard “Low E” glass as they call it.

Anderson’s glass is some of the better glass I get to clean here in the northeast. Can’t remember ever coming across scratches in their glass that may have been caused by fabrication debris.

You may have put the scrubber down in the driveway or something and picked up a pebble. That can happen… Wash it out, and change your rubber. Have you ever used a razor blade on the glass?

no razor blades and normally i try to return the scrubber to the plastic holder/retainer things I have in the bucket. But I will be more careful about this. The worst I do is set it down on an interior sill.

While I don’t use razor blades sometimes I scrub a bit too aggressively perhaps…but I cant imagine that a little bit of extra pressure on the scrubber would be the difference between scratches and no scratches.

Hi, Mike. Welcome to the forum.
What do you do besides own a home? What do you do for a living?

I work in medical research. In my free time I like to cook, and also enjoy woodworking.

Wow Mike, I love to cook. I am just now able to season my French steel fry pans, after trial and error. Do you use power or hand tools for wood working? I use hand tools when ever possible. What kind of hand planes do you have?

When was the last time you washed the scrubber in the washing machine?

Typically I wash the scrubber along with some microfiber towels after each use. I have a front load/low water use washer so chances are they are not getting submerged and really washed out well.

I ordered some new ettore covers; I’m just going to switch to these and will keep my old scrubbers for miscellaneous odd jobs since covers are cheap and the scratches are frustrating. I hope this stops it though. I’m just having a tough time imagining what could be small enough but hard enough that it could get caught up in the scrubber and start scratching. It’s almost like there was diamond dust or something somewhere.

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In over 30 years of cleaning glass I have yet to recognize scratching glass due to the sleeve being dirty. And I do not wash my sleeves every day or other day for that matter.

I agree, plain dirt in a scrubber sleeve won’t scratch glass. he only thing I can imagine is 1. The scrubber was placed somewhere where it picked up gravel (like an exterior ledge) or 2. the glass was already scratched and you just noticed it now that the windows are clean.

I have a client that apparently somehow scratched her Anderson French doors with spray way and a microfiber…figure that one out.

I see scratches all the time in glass but it seems to be commercial settings where employees were using paper towels and windex previously. Not sure what the deal is.

Maybe he lives next to a diamond mine, or a lapidary business.
This person is a 22 year old homeowner with lots of windows that does medical research for a living and cleans his windows when he is not cooking or doing woodworking. Maybe he is confused about the scratches?

ettore porcupine scrubber has scratched several of the tempered windows.

I recommend not to be to harsh when using, especially on tempered class

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