Scratched please!

Does anyone have any suggestions on removing scratches? One of my part-time guys accidentally grabbed a yellow sponge with the Scotch-Brite green scouring pad and used it on a window…not good! The scratches aren’t deep, in fact, I can barely feel them with my finger nails. However, it’s a pretty large area that he scratched, about 4 to 5" in diameter. Fortunately the customer was very cool about it when I showed him what happened. I asked if he would be ok holding off until the spring for me to come and fix it and he was good with that. So, I now have a few months to figure this out. I have heard about the GlassRenu kit but was hoping for something a little less expensive. I picked up an old window out of a free pile and I’m planning on practicing on it. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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If you buy a grinder and backer plates at a box store, you can purchase the GlassRenu Pro Kit for $250 plus shipping. It just doesnt come with the most aggressive Red pads.

Additionally, Cole at GlassRenu is top notch and will take time to talk and answer questions. Check out their videos on youtube as well.

I always wondered what kind of damage would happen if i used the yellow sponge. why do you have those in vehicle anyway?
also if the scratches are light enough you might be able to get it out with cerium oxide.

Good idea Bubble_Guy! Tomorrow is Black Friday so maybe I can pick up a decent grinder. Thanks for the suggestion!

aviloria…I asked him the exact same question and he said in his rush out the door he grabbed the wrong sponge and didn’t notice it was a green scouring pad. Rookie mistake.

This should be drummed into every employee before they learn anything else I even STRESS to my customers to NEVER use green scourers on windows.
I carry them in my vehicle but they are to be used on tough CCU on FRAMES ONLY.
Buffing out scratches take a bit a of a learning curve, if your not planning on offering scratch removal and its only 1 pane that is damaged it may be most cost effective and time saving to contract someone already set up and familiar with scratch removal, either way good luck which ever way you proceed.


HUGE learning curve! Do not just walk up to that customers window with a renu disk and think your going to remove them satisfactorily. Watch a ton of videos, get a practice pane or two and actually practice. Someone @wcs gave me this same warning months ago and it never did cost me the hard way thanks to that.

Are you in the Phoenix area by chance? @lancetaylor

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How long did it take you to get good with it

I’d say a couple weeks of practice will get you going. Watch the glass temperatures. That’ll be a start. I’m still learning. Sometimes you don’t need to grind, only prepolish. Others you only need to buff. Learning curve. They offer a class at their facility.