Scratched Plexi Glass

Is there a way to remove scratches from Bronze Wool on Plexi Glass?


Forgive me, but you made me laugh out loud. Plexi Glass is soft plastic. Any scratches or damage is permanent. Period.

Sorry brother, but Plexi is garbage. Don’t try to clean it beyond a simple wipe and squeegee. It will never look good, and if you try anything aggressive like wool or scrapers you will wreck the Plexi.

I hope you did not get yourself into a bad situation. However, if you did, pay for the replacement, keep the client and learn to ask before you attempt next time. We are here for you.


Scratch Doctor. Walmart.

It was designed for car clear coats which are acrylic. Does a great job. I did use it on some plexi that I damaged with 0000 steel wool once. Just a small spot. But it worked. If you did a lot of deep damage however I am in favor of just replacing the window(s). It does depend. Flat plexi is very cheap. A skylight panel molded in three dimensions is several hundred dollars. That might be worth a couple hours in polish time. Twenty years ago I paid over four hundred for such a panel.


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Thank you Henry

I had a similar issue, and I was told by the people who make the different types, that if its the laminate bullet proof/resistant then the answer is no.

The other stuff? Buff it out with compound. I’ve done it. It will look brand new.
IF you research exactly what it is…

Yep. Not all acrylic surfaces are the same. I forgot about that. Had a friend once that made over 10,000 polishing out plexi bus stops in the city. He is a real innovative guy. Used car polishing equipment and compounds for car paint. Had his own system.