Scratched the crap out of exterior low-e

I think it was low e anyhow. It is a custom fixed pane on a VERY big account. we used the same method on all of the glass and this one is swirled and scratched very noticably. Any ideas on fixing this without buying a GlassRenu. Don’t get me wrong I want one just not in the budget this week (or next).

You can’t repair it, it’s an acrylic coating that is placed on top of the glass. I don’t know why manufacturers are putting it on exposed surfaces because it is very difficult to remove construction debris from it. They put their stupid stickers on it and they bake on there and then you can’t use a blade to get them off.

What was your method of cleaning? What soap/solution did you use? It sounds like it may be ruined, though I don’t know much about glass restoration. You should consider having your clients sign a waiver before service. Though you may end up losing a client, you wouldn’t be out any $$.

We used a bronze wool pad and gg4 with a bit of ecover. The scratches are from the wool. I hear ya on the whole waiver thing (I certainly should have) but it’s a little late for that at this point :(.

I think you have a manufacturers defect if the low-e coating is on side 1 or side 4 of an IGU. The coating should be between the panes of glass on side 2 or 3 where it is protected. Soft coat low e will oxidize when exposed to air and moisture.

I know there is bronze wool out there that does not scratch glass, but I stick to white scrubbies. Never had a scratch issue in almost 8 years (this month as a matter of fact).

What to do? Well your only option would be either repair or replace.

If you have some photos that would help a great deal…when you said you aren’t sure it was the low E coating, that kinda stood out in my mind…is this just one pane? I know you said it was a custom fixed pane, but also said a big account…is it possible that this one window is titanium oxide coated? (Self cleaning glass) if it is, you CANT fix it.

Is ur glass dry when your scraping? If it has glide it wont scratch

It certainly was not dry. It is definately a coating of some sort. I will post some pics when i get back from lunch.

That’s a myth, tbh

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Here’s a few pics

Ack! Had to be on a custom piece of glass :frowning:


That’s expensive.

I’m sorry, I have to ask. Waiver?

No waiver

No waiver. No check.

At this point the check is the last thing I care about. I care about doing the right thing. My tech scratched it, we need to fix it. My question is can it be resurfaced or will i have to replace it.

It behoves us to figure this out, it would be good for everyone. The little new construction that I have seen here has a plastic film on it for protection. Could this be it? Since the window is apparently damaged at this point can you dig into a tiny corner and see if it is a film?
What can you lose at this point? Maybe you can then blade or peel it off without a problem.
Didn’t mean to spank you, I don’t always get a waiver either and someday it will bite me in the backside.
Another thought, if this is a special piece of glass would they not want to protect it?

I didn’t try with a razor, but I did try with my finger nail and it didn’t seem to want to move. When I talked to the builder he said it had been covered with plastic and asked if we were the ones that removed it (we did not). Since it was covered with plastic I thought it might be a film left from the plastic, but again I tried to “budge” it and I am really not sure.

Not having a waiver is completely my fault as well. I am educated on the need for one yet didn’t use one.