Screen Clips For Ladder Work

When you go up to a second or 3rd story on a ladder, and the screen is already new\clean, is there a clip/tool to hold it to the ladder till you are done? I’ve always had a crew of at least two and now I’m solo.

I use a cheap plastic clip from harbor freight and a small bungee cord. Hook the bungee to the clip and attach to your rung of choice.

Good question.

Sometimes I turn it sideways and set it on my feet, leaning against the house. Alternatively I have kinda clamped it between the ladder mitt and the house.

I have one that I believe I bought from the store here several years ago. It’s outside in my truck and I’m in bed. I’ll try to remember to post a pic of it tomorrow.
It works great, btw.

That would be awesome of you!

I’ve done all that, need something more… Permanent.

I’ll give that a try

We did at one time carry such a tool and I have no idea where we were getting them from. We do not carry anything now that is specific for that job but do have items that you could DIY one.

I bought a Husky velcro strap with a clip on it from Home Depot, bought a metal clamp, screwed a hole in the clamp end, and attached it to the clip. Wrap the velcro around the second wrung before you put up the ladder, then when you pull the screen it can hang it from the clamp behind your ladder, and you have the use of your hands at all times.