Screen haze

Hi all,
Has anyone encountered widows that seem dusted from aluminum screens?

The last house I did had 12 pella double hungs on the south east side of the house and after two scrubs and a scrape they still looked dusty, almost like whitewash, but much cleaner.

Any tips for removing this would be much appreciated.


Sounds like screen burn… There is lots of stuff you can use…

In the past I have used:

Steel wool / Toilet bowl cleaner / Oven cleaner…

There are better products available.

We carry: [B]A1 Hard Water Stain Remover[/B]


[B]Glasstastic from Glass Guru[/B]

Both are affordable and will do the trick for you in the future.

Thanks for the info, will try that. Do you have gutter zap as well? I could not find it on WCR.

No Problem.

We actually do not have gutter zap YET.

In the mean time I would recommend getting it here:

They had the best prices last time I bought.

Cool thanks again,

Does gutter zap take off the black lines that are bonded to the gutter?

I saw the video on WCR but the gutter looked to have mildew on the whole surface not just the lines, which I think are harder to remove.


Yep, Gutter Zap removes those black lines. Usually with ease.

Have you found this to be a service that alot of your gutter cleaning customers will pay for?

Gutter Cleaning customers not so much…Our power washers are usually the ones that upsell it. (while they are power washing)

How is their customer service?

I do not recall.