Screen Magic Testing On Mold/Algae Screens- The Results Are In!

I wanted to share with you some recent testing we have been doing with Screen Magic on moldy screens. It has come to our attention that in high humidity areas like Florida the screens get a mold or algae that grows on the screens, many times its green. Word has it, cleaning these screens is difficult at best. Regular Screen Magic worked OK, it did a pretty good job but not perfect. Well Scott, who builds screen enclosures for pools and patios in Florida, decided to try straight Screen Magic concentrate and found it COMPLETELY eliminates the green algae from the screens. Scott tells me this is a big problem in his area and their are thousands of screen enclosures in the area. I’m told they are very difficult to clean and a lot of times home owners just replace the green screens at great expense.

With this exciting news we decided to do some testing. Scott was kind enough to send me some green screen. Normal Screen Magic is 9:1. Since we knew straight Screen Magic concentrate, 1:1 worked, it was just a matter of finding the right mix ration that would still work but bring the price down as using just straight concentrate would be to expensive.

We tested every ration and found the magic number seems to be 7:1. To give you an idea of what this means normally a 1/2 gallon of Screen Magic makes 5 gallons at 9:1. 7:1 makes 4 gallons. If you have some REALLY REALLY moldy screens you can mix it down to a 5:1 ration (which makes 3 gallons) or treat the screen twice. I would also recommend to dry brush the screens first to get off the big stuff.

Now as far a treating the screens on the enclosures it seems the best way to treat large enclosures is to use one of the back pack sprayers with an extended wand tip to be able to spray it on the roof section using a ladder. You should be able to clean even a large size enclosure in less that a hour. One 5 gallon concentrate should be more than enough. Pricing could be anywhere from $199 to $499. You should be able to get a pretty good profit margin on them as other than time consuming task of scrubbing them, the only alternative seems to be replacing them. You should probably figure up what you want to charge by the square foot at first. I’m sure after awhile you will probably be able to guesstimate the price into a category of $199,299,399, or 499 plus.

So my question for you all living in high humidity areas is - Is algae/mold on screens really a problem for you and is this something you think you could make some extra money on? If you currently clean enclosures, how have you been dealing with this problem- do you take the screens off and power spray them?
If it’s a service you want to offer I can make up some special flyers for your customers showing a before and after and depending on your feed back we are consider doing some special labeling. So your input would be greatly appreciated. Below are some photos we took of the testing we have done. One last note- it looks like Screen Magic should impede the algae/mold from growing back for 4-6 months.

This images below are of the same screen, just different levels of magnification.

Wow, pictures looks great, this stuff looks powerful for sure… We might consider getting something like this very soon. Thanks for this great research!

I’m in Florida, mold story is true …
Recently called out to estimate this job, will be using Screen Magic.

@Mr. Window- I’m a big believer in Screen Magic myself. I live in Arizona so we don’t deal with the mold algae buildup, but sunscreens or solar screens are a big thing here and they are nearly impossible to get clean without screen magic. If you do get the job, please post some before/after pics and let’s hope you make some good money doing it.

Like Mr. Window, we too are located in FL and see screen enclosures that moldy or more all the time. We’ve just been using SH and water to clean the screens, but have recently added Fresh Wash to the mix and it melts the mold away.

I recently cleaned 50 (4’x9’) solar screens. They had never been cleaned since they were installed about 10 years ago. They were very dirty. This was my first screen job. Screen Magic really saved me. Even though I charged $400.00 I only ended up making just under $100.00 after I had to order Screen Magic twice and paid my help. Each screen had 12 screws holding them in place. The bulk of the time was spent taking them off and putting them back on. Spent a total of 6 hours on job. I appreciate the detailed instructions I received from hotnwash from Austin. You [I][U]do need to dry brush[/U][/I] them on both sides to get the big dirt off. Only thing I would do different is get a better sprayer. I bought a bug sprayer from Home Depot but could not adjust the nozzle just right. And of course charge more per job.
Because of Screen Magic I have this client super happy and pleased with the results. She has actually decided to contract me to take tint off 8 (4’x4’) windows, install an awning and have her windows cleaned on a monthly basis on her two buildings. Thanks Screen Magic!!
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