Screen out

Thanks to @HE_MAN we got our new screen removal tool today! Can’t wait to give it a try soon.

Thanks again Herman! I’ll be making some residential videos soon I’ll include it and a review


Mines on its way… :smile:

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Steve how did you get yours in the States?

Herman is sending it to me direct, i should have it this week or early next week.

I going to run it through it paces, to see how tried and true it can be! :wink:

Its not sold state side yet… :wink:

I’ve got one on the way. Might carry it for my Canadian guys.


I already know it won’t work on every type of window screen installation. There are some screens out there where you need an engineering degree to figure out how they come out. But it should be good for the more common ones.


LOL ya I come across those many times a year also.

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I did some screens recently i swear I’d charge $100 more next time they were so terrible!

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