Screen repair video

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Thanks, Chris!

That Looks pretty easy…Appreciate that chris.

Do u add this to your service, or is it too time consuming?


Yep we offer it, at this point only if they drop it off to us. In the future we may do it on site.

[COLOR=Blue]Chris, we do it on site. One thing I noticed in the video is that the guy is sliding the frame around on the concrete. We learned the hard way to put down a drop cloth on the driveway to avoid scratching up the frame. Especially since the side facing down will face in and be visible to the customer when re-installed.[/COLOR]

yeah we have this 8x8 ft table at the shop that i carpeted to prevent that from happening.

Dude! Wheres the Video???

Filmed one the other day but the card got all messed up. Coming soon though

Here is a pic of my screen table. I love re-screening and making screens. Easy money!

Thats hands down the best screen repair station I have ever seen.


That was a great video… does anyone know what is a good price and estimate for each screen? Basically how much do u charge?

Also would like to know where you can buy all the different screening materials… like the spleen roller, the spleen stuff, the different types of screen mesh. Please let me know.

All this stuff is available from Home Depot and Lowes. Check with your local hardware store what they charge for screen repair (based on client bringing it in). I’ve got the gear but so far haven’t really pushed the service.

I was looking around on the internet and found this site…

they have screening kit and a bunch of other stuff. anyways would still like to know how much all of you charge for re-screening.

You can get some supplies at the big box stores but their selection is very limited. I buy most of my supplies (frame, latches, corner pieces, etc.) from

I would agree on checking out what your local hardware store charges. Then charge a bit more for the convenience of you removing, fixing and replacing for your customer.

that is a nice setup. what is the table covered with.

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Hey Seth, what are the dimensions of your table?[/COLOR]

how much would one charge for a screen in the youtube video w/ brand new materials and screen material. Im interested in doing it and getting good at it. I want to use it as an add on service. Maybe even get a table like the one in the previous post. Is there a specific pricing guideline that you guys go by.