how long did it take you to break in your scrim? i’ve been using it every now and then but i keep going back to my huck towels… i’ve used em, washed em, dried em, used em… i dont know how else to break em in but they still dont do what my huck towels do…

Yo Cedric…

I’ve taken even longer getting back to your pm then you had to mine ! I hope your not to much in a fix over it…Sometimes we all put up on the shelf and forget to do things ! I have a good excuse Dude I’m getting old…Ooooh No…

I’ll first say, your not suppose to dry the scrim in the dryer ! Did you use the dryer ?

Next it takes at least 3 or 4 good washes before the scrim is really broken in well enough to be working or functioning effectively !

Also for the first bit after washing them they produce lint but after a bit the lint stops, one needs to be patient until this work horse produces, because once it does it is a major plus to window cleaning !

When I washed mine I washed them 3 times in a row and then let them air dry…They worked very very well once I started using them. Actually they work great even better damp.

In my vid about squeezing down the dampness by putting them in the window of you work vehicle, well that’s now obsolete, I now wrap my wrung out scrim in a totally dry scrim and that brings the scrim to a premier dampness in 10 or so minutes.

Hows your finger doing Ced ? Was it a sectional ladders you were on when you did that or a extension ladder ?

Take care Cedric-K and always work safe !

Dange / the no Call backer

The damp scrim

This week was the birthday of the Statue of Liberty / 125 years…A gift from France, Thanks Cedric-K !

lol, no problem, i forgot all about that. after i sent you that i ordered my sectionals from wcr… and yes, i did put my scrim in the dyer, i didnt know i wasnt supposed to. I guess i’ll wash them a couple more times and then give them another try…

The finger is still giving me some troubles, i cant rest it because i have to work but it’ll be fine, it’ll have plenty of time to rest in the wintertime (i hope not!). it happened with an extension ladder, i wasnt being smart… but now i cant even lift up my sectionals to stack them because i dont have enough power in my hand, and also because it hurts, lol, so i have to lay the sectionals on the ground, set them up that way and lift them all up together. sucks…

sometimes they dont break in easy. ive one thats a few months old still isnt broke as good as the others i have and may need special treatment. im thinking of wiping the lower edges of my van with it on a Sunday , maybe even i will use it as a floormat in the van for a week .
i have a coconut doormat below my feet in the van so it wipes my shoes clean as i drive along,i could fold the scrim over this so it gets worked in that way

So if you have dried them in the dryer after washing, does that ruin them, or just let them air dry the next time after you wash them?

You know #1, I really don’t know…but you can always try it to see if that will change things. I know material can get a lot of strange affects while washing and or drying and really I’ve never dealt with the scrim fabric /Linen before so I just go with the flow and do what I’m told by those who have used it !

Try washing and not drying it in a dryer and see what happens.


Dange how many scrims do you have in your arsenal?

After we use it to clean about 200 house windows (1-3 days) and then wash and air dry, its good to go. We love scrim;) (wierd name tho)…

We dried them in the machine the first few times of cleaning to break them in faster. I have about a dozen and they go a lot farther than hucks. We’ve saved a ton on laundry.

I doesn’t ruin them at all, it just seems to catch a lot of lint if you dry it.
@ cedric- I really think most of getting used to a scrim is just forcing yourself to use it, every job, for a little while. Also, I will be the first to sing the scrims praises, but sometimes a good clean huck is just what you need! I use both these days, saving scrim for interior work(gets less dirty) and for Frenchies.