Scrubbing bird poop

Pregunta… when using a water fed system 30’ up and the home owner is OCD and keeps pointing out little bird poop specs how and what is the preferred method to get it off? I’ve got the micro 30’ pole and tucker nylon and boar

hair brush with the bronze wool on the flip side. My arms nearly fell off going at 4 spots what seemed like forever. And I got them but there’s got to be someone out there that has this figured out…thank you in advance. Always appreciated and never dismissed…

Is this a first clean or you have cleaned it several times before? I ask because sometimes “a little bird speck” is more than that can caked on.

I have a similar setup as you (maybe the same) and I don’t seem to have issues. A large, softball sized, clump takes about 5 or 10 seconds more. I do sometimes allow soaking to take effect and help loosen up the clump, but that depends on the heat (impact of the sun on the window).

The sun bakes the bird poo onto the glass and that makes it harder to remove.
Doing an initial clean to get the heavy stuff off then scrubbing again after soaking it a few moments helps.
Stubborn hardened poo the Alpha Scrubber does a great job, but it does take several concentrated scrubs.
Unfortunately the WFP does not 100% replace the ladder and nose to glass. I had one last month that I just could not get completely off with the scrubber and finally laddered up and scrubbed with soapy bronze wool, then trad cleaned that pane.
Sometimes you’re the statue and sometimes you’re the pigeon.
Alpha Scrubber

Yeah I definitely went with soaking it as much as I could and then just get my leverage on that bronze wool pad and to scrub the heck out of it. It’s just those little tiny bird poop sprays they’re yellow and just nasty. And it was my initial clean though the guy had said that he use another window washer before I who knows when?!
Thank you

Yeah I know now that nothing replaces laddering to get up close and personal. I had forgotten my bigger ladder that day and I could not for the life of me reach it so I just had a customer point out the areas that he felt were still not clean and I went to town on those.
I’ll look at that Alpha.
Thanks again

There are some good scrubber attachments for a wfp out there that you can put steel wool on but sometimes you just have to put up a ladder.


Gotcha thanks. Lesson here don’t leave your big ladder at home.

Walnut pad from wcr.

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Follow up I purchased the alpha scrubber and it works great and has cut the cleaning effort by at least 50% It’s also got the rinse bar which I like better than my brush with 2 jets.

I had some bird and bug poop that wouldn’t come off. I pulled the brush and attached a razor to get it off. did great.