After power washing a house is there a sealer that can be used to help keep the moss of the north side of a house. This question was brought up to me by a home owner, told him I did not know but I did know of a resource to find out > WCR. Thanks for any help I can get

Yes, there is. You can go to, click on their roof cleaning topics. There you’ll find a after-wash spray on sealer type of chemical. Its called Stain blocker, I think!

What type of siding Andy?

Crap, I thought that you’re talking roof sealing. My bad. Maybe it will work though. That’d be cool!

There are some who make this claim however you must read the small print, and most won’t stand up to repeated exposure to rain and other weather elements.

So Larry is there any product Andy can use?

Chris, it’s vinyl siding

I have never tried this personally but I have read good things about it.

I have never tried this personally but I have read good things about it.

Thank You Chris and Larry, I am going to buy some and experiment on a few surfaces I will keep you guys informed

I personally just sell them on yearly cleanings instead of trying to stop the mold. I have yet to reaaly find anything that will last very long. Bleach and a surfactant is all that is really needed to clean and stay clean between cleanings.

Most of those products are cost prohibitive and end up cutting into margins… Worse, if they last even 3 times longer than a regular wash, you have lost out on 3 times the residual income. So who makes the $$$ in this instance? The chem mnfger and supplier. And if it does not perform as advertised, who gets black mark against them? The person dealing directly with the customer… You.