Second story windows with overhang below

Any tips on washing second story windows with large overhangs below them. I have been walking on probably 40 degree angled clay tiles. If I pole, I would probably have to stand 25 to 35 foot away from the edge of the roof. I know waterfed would work, but so far, the few customers I have talked to don’t want that, not to mention the expense for a only a few jobs.

I’m trying to picture the overhang you describe but not sure. If you can walk them without breaking tiles then that might be the way to go? Water fed pole system is a viable tool utilized in the window cleaning industry. You shouldn’t let a customer who does not know the ability and benefits of a WFP to dictate what tools you can use to do your job. If you educate yourself on how to explain your cleaning method and back it up with results then that is all the customer needs to know - other than how to write a check of course. :slight_smile:



I’d probably dictate to them that wfp is the only option offered. 2nd story isn’t to bad to trad’ pole, all depends on your skills. Try your last pull left to right for the overhang with an oversized squeegee.

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Thanks for the tip.

If the windows have a fixed pane and a sliding pane, remove the sliding pane and clean it inside. Then clean the outside of the fixed pane from the inside. Be careful hanging out to clean the outside.


You say 25 to 30 feet if using a wfp right? So is that using it from the ground?
What I’ve done in that situation is use the little giant ladder in an A frame and straddle it at the top and clean it from there. It’s not easy at all, but it will work.


I wouldn’t let a customer dictate what tools I use on the job. If they knew better, why are they hiring out? Use this opportunity to educate your customer. Results prove themselves.

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I recommend working with a WFP from a ladder, as mentioned by @thorSG1.

wfp right from the ground

Then doing it from the top of an A frame will get you alot closer, unless you got no problems with scratching your pole on the tile. Otherwise, doing it from the ground is a WHOLE lot easier and less of a headache.

I usually will do it like that with my arms straight up over my head, sorry if you already knew that, but if not, you’ll get a really good angle to clean with by using the weight of the pole and that leverage. You’ll still scratch the pole pretty good tho. It won’t damage the tiles one bit either.

And if they don’t want it, even after you’ve offered to give them a demo on a ground floor window-then have THEM offer a suggestion on how they think a magician should be able to pull it off.

There is’nt another way unless they wanna rent you a boom lift. The neighborhood won’t forget that one for quite a while I’m sure.