Sectional Ladders

Can someone please explain to me the benefits of sectional ladders and how high they can go. They seem really pricey compared to my werner extension ladders. Im just curious. I am sure it’s posted somewhere but to be honest I am just to tired right to do a lot of reading.

First I don’t own any and haven’t used any- but I believe the benefits are that each section is pretty light and you only need to carry out however many you need at a time. I think you can go as high as you want-- but to be safe I think it’s four to six sections.

They store very easily and don’t take much room so that is another advantage.

I have been wondering the same thing, thanks for asking.

Great for doing interior work as well as exterior, I do not bring extension ladders into homes, 4-8 foot sections, Metallic ladders are listed up to 21 feet, or 4- six foot pieces, you lose 1 foot when 2 sections are put together because of how they connect together. I have used Allaco, and now own 6 ft base. middle, and v-top as well as 4 ft middle. I love em’ almost as much as I heart WCR.:slight_smile:

Sectionals are all I use. Benefits: on the interior of a home or commercial space there is really no comparison. Again interior: reaching skylights or doing a 20 ft set to get to a window in the foyer over the front door - no problem. Exterior: easy to tote around the permiter of a job site, work around vegetation, tree limbs. I think 24 ft is the top out height. I have been very comfortable at 28 ft though. Expensive - yes. They will out live me though.

The V topped sectionals allow you to get in places where an extension ladder might not be suited. We carry both sectionals and extensions.

Hey Ken…

Yep just like Steve-o said only up to 21’, they’re really a great ladder…Highly functional with the pointed tip and flared base.

Still they have a pretty tight learning curve when stacking them and placing them on corners or frames. They will roll if not placed properly so safety can be a big concern when learning to use them, and continuing to use them ! Safety First Yawl !

If and when one gets proficient with them they are truly a high end tool for true Window Cleaners ! Well worth the money…

You’ll need to put levelers on them also…Using them indoors makes life with a ladder much easier ! Cover the tip with a bonnet or a make-shift bonnet ( clean rags) when indoors !

Over 21’ you’ll need an extension ladder, both type of ladders have their place in the industry ! Personally I’ve worked with 5 6’ sections but those where days of old when risk was no issue ! Today though I would only recommend 21’, 4 6’ sections ! Going over that is a major risk so that’s when you use your extension !

They also have stabilizers that fit in the open rung (LeveLok Open Rung Standout Bracket) which really boosts the functionality of the sectional.

I use my sectionals 70% of the time maybe more…They are my primary used ladder @ 21’ or lower.

One last point Ken-Man the next best tool besides natural sea-sponges and water is TSP ! Go for it dude and see the benefits of sectionals and TSP, TSP, TSP ! OH YEAH…

Dangerous Dave

Dange, I will concede and use TSP. My wife wants me to clean the toilets tomorrow so I’ll give it a try.

Ooooh Kaaaaaay Kenny-Dude but when your done with the tioly clean your windows with the TSP and see the bennies…

[COLOR="#a0522d"][SIZE=“4”]Tiolies are nasty…[/SIZE][/COLOR]

TSP for toilets GG4 for windows


is tsp safe on tinted glass?

A standard set of sectionals was always five and one half sections until recently. That’s twenty nine feet. You can fit a complete set inside a Volkswagen Jetta or Dodge Caravan. Now that’s convenient.

Hey Mike…

What type of sectionals are you talking about ? Metallic ?


Hey Dave,
Yes my set is Metallic. I only carry four and one half sections now, that’s 24 feet. Set ups over 21 feet get more and more difficult the higher you go. Twenty four feet is easy. I can reach most third story windows with that ladder.

I converted a middle section to a base by installing ladder levelers on it. MUCH better than the original base with Levelock ladder levelers on it. The original base gets really wide when you add levelers.

Window Cleaning Ladders | Metallic Ladder Manufacturing Corp

Mike yeah years ago I used up to 5 1/2 sections and they had a serious arch to them…The whole time on them I felt unsafe while using them. I started with wood sectional and the most I ever used was 4 6’ sections and a 4’ base.

Still in the link above they say 21’, and for yawl there is a reason for that…SAFETY, LIFE OR LIMB.

Just like I’d never send a chair operator over the edge without a safety harness and line…Still in the olden days that was the way they did it other wise you were a cry baby ! I worked with a guy from the sixty’s and he chaired without a safety device ! Not a good Idea…

Over 21’, extension ladders are much safer and a better SOP…I’d never recommend over what the Metallic company says.
If the reason one doesn’t use an extension ladder is because of their work vehicle then that’s not reason to throw safety into the wind !

Each individual will do as they please and how they learned…Still ladders safety is a serious point in the industry, how we are trained makes all the difference in the world .
I’d only train a person to meet the limits and not over extend the limits or the limits of safety !

21’ should be the standard for sectionals ladders…What individual chose to do will be THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY…If I had employees they would be my responsibility !

You know Mike 3’ isn’t a big deal and I can see others doing that and really 3’ won’t be a serious safety hazard…Still 21’ is metallic’s standard and I don’t think I’ll exceed or have others exceed that limit especially when an extension ladder will function much more safely and easier for heights over 21’ .

Mike do you use LeveLok Open Rung Standout Bracket as a stabilizer along with your sectionals ?

Wide bases are much safer …

Haven’t seen you on here for a while you must be busy ! Good talking with you…Say are we going to get that coffee if I ever show up in your neighborhood ? I’d really enjoy meeting you my friend !

David The Dangerous / Advanced Window Cleaning Service - Seattle Washington

Dan-Man …

TSP won’t hurt tinting…It’s the best soap in the industry !

Dange / With the Range

Hey Dave,
A cup of coffee would be great but we live on opposite sides of the country. You have my number. You can always call.

People have been using metallic ladders to go up 45 ft for decades. They are made to go that high. They will flex but they won’t break. A bit scary but not dangerous. IMO The issue over 21 feet has more to do with employee error not ladder strength. It takes more skill to set them up and take them down the higher you go. When people screw up, employee error, and cause an accident they usually sue the ladder company.

Anybody can set up a 21 ft sectional ladder because not much strength or skill is required. Just my 2 cents.

One last point Ken-Man the next best tool besides natural sea-sponges and water is TSP ! Go for it dude and see the benefits of sectionals and TSP, TSP, TSP ! OH YEAH…

When are you going to create a TSP group Dange? Because I’ll join, just let me know and I’m in :stuck_out_tongue:

the rungs on sectional ladders when joined together are all in line and when ascending and descending this makes things much safer… but the disadvantage of these the ladders is that they only go to a certain height and after a certain height they begin to bow … but i guess all professional Windies should have one if they are doing a lot of ladder work at low - medium height… because once bought they should last you a life time or near that mark ( if you look after them that is )


I believe you point is right on…